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Sam Kellerman, brother of ESPN/HBO sports journalist, Max Kellerman. In 2006, he befriended disgraced boxer James Butler hoping to give a positive outlook of the future. Soon, the only one defending him in the media was Sam, but Butler murdered Kellerman by smashing his head in with a hammer.

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Adam Carolla invited boxing analyst Max Kellerman to the premier of his movie "The Hammer" only to find out Kellerman's brother was murdered with a hammer by a boxer nicknamed "The Hammer"

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  1. Max Kellerman's brother was murdered by a boxer nicknamed "The Harlem Hammer", the murder weapon was a hammer.

  2. Max Kellerman, the ESPN analyst and co-host of First Take, was a rapper in the early 90s

  3. Max Kellerman Is Blacker Than Stephen A Smith. Terrell Owens Tells Stephen A Smith That “Max Kellerman Seems Blacker Than You” In Heated Debate On ESPN

  4. Max Kellerman's brother, Sam Kellerman, was killed by a boxer named the Harlem Hammer w/ a hammer. Boxer is also infamous for the dirtiest cheap shot in boxing history (vid in comments)

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