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According to an official ruling by a US federal appeals court, cheerleading is not a sport

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The parliament of New South Wales passed the Community Protection Act 1994, a law to detain a single guy: Greg Kable. He appealed, and the state Supreme Court unanimously validated the law, before the federal High Court narrowly found it unconstitutional

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  1. The "Urgent Call for Unity" was an appeal to defeat the Nazis. It was signed by German scientists, authors and artists in advance of the German federal election in 1932. The appeal was unsuccessful, Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor, and the Nazis were able to consolidate power.

  2. A common cause for issuing a "writ of certiorari" is if at least two federal courts of appeals have made different rulings on a question of federal law.

  3. To always record law my enforcement encounters. I was just released from federal prison on appeal after being framed for assaulting a federal officer. Because I recorded, I now have a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit. Hope to teach others how to protect themselves with my story.

  4. A group of snowboarders filed a lawsuit in federal court to force a private resort to end the no snowboard policy enacted to market to skiers who wanted a snowboard free resort. A federal appeals court ruled against them earlier this year.

  5. Nancy Grace was reprimanded by a state supreme court and a federal appeals court for withholding evidence, twice.

  6. Convicted IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich has been waiting for a federal ruling on his appeal for 15 months. That is 12 months longer than is usual.

  7. The Supreme Court usually presides over appeal cases involving federal statues or the Constitution, but in 1906 it held it's one and only criminal trial.

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