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Former President George HW Bush angrily resigned as a life member from the NRA in 1995 after they openly continued verbal attacks on Federal Agents in the weeks after the Oklahoma City bombing of a Federal building. His resignation letter was published in several major newspapers.

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Two members of the United States Congress, after one verbally attacked another uninvolved member, got into a fight on the Senate floor and one of them beat the other with a cane until he fell unconscious on the floor

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  1. Lamborghini only decided to make super cars after Enzo Ferrari verbally attacked him at a meeting. Discover how one intense meeting between Ferruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari built the Lamborghini car brand we know today.

  2. A donkey and and an elephant came to represent Democrats and Republicans because the first contestants John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson turned the verbal attacks on them related to these animals to long lasting party symbols.

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