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The first non-white NBA player was Japanese and joined the NBA the same year Jackie Robinson broke the racial barrier in baseball

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20/20 vision isn't actually "perfect", and that professional baseball players average around 20/12 vision; greater acuity than conventional eye charts test for.

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  1. The the Cleveland Indians once had a $0.10 Beer Night. Cleveland had to forfeit the game when their drunk fans started a riot during the 9th inning. Players had to attack fans with baseball bats to protect themselves.

  2. In the early days of baseball, players would often steal across the field from first base to third.

  3. Baseball player Gaylord Perry's manager once remarked that "They'll put a man on the moon before he hits a home run.". On July 20, 1969, just an hour after the Apollo 11 spacecraft carrying Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon, Perry hit the first home run of his career

  4. Baseball player Dave Winfield killed a seagull with a baseball during a game and was subsequently arrested for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal

  5. Former baseball player Bobby Bonilla signed a contract in 2000 which pays him $1.9 million a year until 2035.

  6. The Padres baseball team has kept a handicapped player on the team for over 20 years so he doesn't lose health insurance.

  7. Daniel Norris, a 21yo baseball player who recently joined the Toronto Bluejays with a $2,000,000 signing bonus, lives and sleeps in a VW bus. He has also never drunk alcohol, works part time in the off-season at a retail store, and spends no more than $800 a month.

  8. Legendary baseball player Ken Griffey Jr. had never stepped foot inside the Baseball Hall of Fame before being inducted this year, because of superstition.

  9. Bobby Bonilla, a former baseball player, agreed to be bought out and defer his $5.9 million contract in 2000, so that the New York Mets would pay him $1.19 million every year from 2011 to 2035, totalling $29.8 million for a year he didn't even play.

  10. In the early years of baseball, it was common for players to go in the stands and assault heckling fans. Ty Cobb once attacked a handicapped man for calling him a "half-nigger." Fans shouted at him to stop because the man had no hands, he reportedly retorted "I don't care if he got no feet"

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Combined faces of top 1800 MLB (Major League Baseball) players

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The evolution of Major League Baseball, tracked through 9 key statistics/metrics from 1871 to 2015. Selected players identified where notable.

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A minor league baseball player was once traded away for 10 bats, and he died six months later from a drug overdose.

Mamie Johnson, who was a professional Negro League baseball player, with a 33–8 win-loss record and a batting average of .262. She was known as "Peanut" during her career due to her height - 5 feet, 3 inches. After retiring, she went to nursing school and became a nurse for 30 years. - source

There was a renowned deaf-mute baseball player in the early 20th century named "Dummy" Taylor. He was the highest paid deaf person of the 1900's and was also known as the comedian of the Giants, coaching at third base in rubber boots when an umpire refused to call a game due to rain. - source

Geddy Lee (of Rush) was so inspired by his tour of the Negro Leagues Baseball museum in Kansas City that he bought at auction over 400 baseballs signed by Negro Leagues players and donated the entire collection to the museum.

Statistical analysis of 6619 generals found that Napoleon Bonaparte had a Wins Above Replacement score (a statistical measure originating from baseball which determines a player's importance to victory) that was 23 standard deviations above the average general. - source

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Major League Baseball (MLB) grants a lifetime pass for free admission to MLB games for life to any player, manager, coach or umpire with at least eight years of MLB experience. MLB is the only major pro-sports league that has such a program.

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Len Koenecke, a pro baseball player who got drunk on a flight and picked a fight with the pilot. The pilot bashed him over the head with a fire extinguisher killing him.

Baseball has a rule which says players cannot fraternize with the other team while in uniform.

There actually was a baseball player name "Crash Davis". So Director Rob Shelton needed his permission to use the name in Bull Durham. The only thing Davis asked was: "Do I get the girl in the end?" Shelton said yes and Davis gives his okay.

Moe Berg, a professional baseball player who served as a spy for the U.S. during WWII. He attended a lecture by Werner Heisenberg under the orders to shoot Heisenberg if he made any indication that the Germans were close to making an atomic bomb.

Kathryn Johnston became the first girl to play Little League baseball in 1950, when she tucked her hair under her hat, adopted the nickname "Tubby", and joined the Kings Dairy team, posing as a boy. When she told her coach she was a girl, he said "That's O.K., you're a darned good player."

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Every player in Major League Baseball history by their initials. JM is most popular at 325 different players. Originally posted to my Twitter account @MLBRandomStats.

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Average size of Major League Baseball players by decade

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Dick Stuart, one of the worst defensive players in baseball history, once recieved a standing ovation for successfully grabbing a loose hot dog wrapper out of the air.

Baseball player Bill Bergen was an awful batter who hit .170 for his entire 11-year career and at one point went 46 at-bats without a hit, but teams kept him around because he was such a good catcher.

Jon Miller, a professional baseball player, hit a home run his first at bat and his final at bat. These were the only 2 of his career.

About Joel Youngblood, the only Major League Baseball player to get hits for two teams on the same day. As a member of the Mets, he played an afternoon game against the Cubs. After the game, he was traded to the Expos, which played that night against the Phillies in Philadelphia.

In Toronto, 1933, an amateur baseball game broke out into a massive race riot when a group of Nazi sympathizers, protesting the Jewish players, unveiled a crude Swastika flag. "A crowd of more than 10,000 citizens, excited by cries of 'Heil Hitler' became suddenly a disorderly mob."

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The percent of of a NCAA college athletes "going pro" (becoming a professional level player) is less than 2% for all sports, except men's ice hockey (5.6%) and baseball (9.1%)

Macho Man Randy Savage Was A Professional Baseball Player

Bobby Bonilla, a former baseball player who hasn't played for the New York Mets in 17 years, negotiated a deferred money contract that will pay him $1.19 million every July 1st until 2035

A young man tried out for the Seattle Mariners Major League Baseball team. He was hit by a stray round from an AK-47 before he was officially signed, effectively killing his dream of becoming a baseball player. That young man went on to become world-famous reggaeton MC Daddy Yankee

The Cleveland Indians got their nickname from one of their most beloved players, Louis Sockalexis -- the first Native American to play baseball in the National League

Homer Simpson was inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. This was celebrate the 25th anniversary of a Season 2 episode of The Simpsons when 9 MLB players cameoed for Mr Burns softball team back in season 2, 1991.

In the early days of baseball In the mid-1800s, you could be put out between the bases by having the ball thrown directly at you. Players were resistant when the rule was changed — "patching," as it was known, was considered an important and masculine part of the game.

7 terabytes of data are generated for every Major League Baseball game by Statcast, a system that measures every aspect of pitching, hitting, base running, fielding. Pretty much everything that happens on the field except players adjusting themselves and spitting.

Jim Abbot was a professional baseball player who was born without a right hand. He even pitched a no-hitter for the Yankess against the Cleveland Indians in 1993.

In the 1988 MLB draft Tommy Lasorda (L.A Dodgers' Manager) drafted Mike Piazza as a favor for his dad. Piazza was selected in the 62nd round as the #1,390th player selected. Piazza is now regarded as one of the best offensive catchers in baseball history and is in the Baseball Hall of Fame

Larry Doby was signed by the Cleveland Indians to become the first black baseball player in the American League. He joined the same year as Jackie Robinson. He helped integrate all the AL ballparks Jackie never appeared. He faced the same discrimination but didn't get the same praise or support.

The longest professional baseball game lasted 33 innings,8 hours and 25 minutes in 1981. Players were forced to burn bats and stadiums seats to keep warm throughout the night.

The first game that the Toronto Blue Jays played, in 1977, they won. It was also player Al Woods debut, and he hit a home run the very first time he stepped up to bat for the team.

About Adam Greenberg, a baseball player who suffered a skull fracture on the first pitch ever thrown to him in the MLB, effectively ending his career after just 1 pitch. 7 years later the Miami Marlins offered him a 1-day contract so that he could get a second chance to bat in an MLB game.

Baseball player Ichiro Suzuki learned Spanish throughout his career in order to talk trash to the Latin players.

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