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The Nazi SS threatened to shoot the Archbishop of Greece for openly protesting againt the deportation of Jews. He reminded them that, “according to the traditions of the Greek Orthodox Church, our prelates are hung and not shot. Please respect our traditions!”

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Except for cats, insects and songbirds, absolutely no women of any species are allowed to enter Mount Athos, a Greek peninsula self-governed by Eastern Orthodox monks, to make living in celibacy easier for them

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  1. After the Greek War of Independence began, the Ottoman reaction was so virulent that the Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church was publicly hanged in Constantinople, and a imam from the city of Smyrna was executed after he refused to issue a fatwa justifying the murder of Christians.

  2. The Buddha is considered a martyr and saint in both the Catholic and Greek Orthodox Church.

  3. 100 years ago, over 1.5 million Greek Orthodox Christians were killed or deported from Turkey

  4. Members of the Greek Orthodox faith often paint their Easter eggs red, which symbolizes Jesus" blood and his victory over death. The color red is symbolic of the renewal of life, and as such, Jesus" resurrection.

  5. About the Greek Autonomous region of Mount Athos. It is a peninsula in Greece which is inhabited by Orthodox monks, and where women have been forbidden from entering for almost a thousand years.

  6. after a Nazi SS Commander threatened to have the Archbishop of Athens shot, the Archbishop replied, "According to the traditions of the Greek Orthodox Church, our prelates are hanged, not shot. Please respect our traditions!"

  7. Orthodox literally means "right (orthos) + opinion (doxa)" in Greek.

  8. Christmas is celebrated on January 7th in many countries around the world. The Greek Orthodox celebrates Christmas on January 7th. That includes Russia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and other countries.

  9. Paul Tagaris, Byzantine conman, who was appointed an Orthodox bishop, pretended to be the Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, switched from Greek Orthodoxy to Roman Catholicism and back again, and managed to be named Latin Patriarch of Constantinople

  10. In Lebanon, the President must be a Maronite Catholic; the Prime Minister must be a Sunni; the Speaker of Parliament must be a Shia; their deputies must be Greek Orthodox; the Commander of the Army must be Druze; and Christians must outnumber Muslims in Parliament by 6:5.

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There is a massive Greek orthodox monastery in Florence Arizona. - source

The pejorative term "navel-gazing" originates from an actual form of meditation practiced by ancient Greeks, Hindui yogis, and Eastern Orthodox Christians. - source

A when a Greek Orthodox priest was told by the Nazis to deliver a list of all 275 Jews in his community, he burned the list and gave them his name instead

Thousands of Jews were saved by the Greek Orthodox Church hierarchy due to a proclamation by Archbishop Damaskinos instructing the church to issue false baptismal certificates to all Jews who requested them - source

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