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The Mormon Church donates only about 0.7 percent of its annual income to charity. LDS Church is likely worth $40 billion today and collects up to $8 billion in tithing each year.

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The LDS (Mormon) Church bought advertising space in the program/playbill for Matt Stone and Trey Parker's satirical musical "The Book of Mormon" to promote the real Book of Mormon.

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  1. Mountain Meadows Massacre was conducted by Mormons, under the approval of Brigham Young, which killed over 120 innocent Arkansans on their way to California. The LDS denies they're responsible for the killings, and blamed it on the Paiutes Indians.

  2. There is a group of self-proclaimed feminist Mormon housewives who write a blog lamenting the limited role for women in the LDS Church--their slogan is "angry activists with peaches to can"

  3. The first American Presidential Candidate to be assassinated was Joseph Smith in 1844, the same man who founded the LDS (Mormon) movement

  4. Joseph Smith founder of the LDS (Mormon) church was given fake plates to translate to prove he wasn't divinely inspired, the trick worked, yet this is somehow still a religion!

  5. Spencer W. Kimball President of the Mormon Church, claimed that Native American children who were members of the LDS had become several shades lighter in skin color than their parents

  6. The Mormon (LDS) church requires 10% of its members gross incomes, but the Mormon church only donates an average of $5 a year per member to charitable causes.

  7. The LDS (Mormon) Church owns the largest calf/cow operation in the United States

  8. Even though masturbation is banned by the LDS Church's law of chastity, and teenagers are asked about their masturbation habits as part of "worthiness interviews," a huge percentage of active Mormons persist in the act of self-pleasure.

  9. William Hooper Young, grandson of Brigham Young, the president of the LDS Church and founder of Salt Lake City. Was convicted of the murder of Anna Pulitzer in 1903. It was speculated that Pulitzer was killed for the Mormon principle of "blood atonement"

  10. On July 21, 1879, LDS missionaries Rudger Clawson and Joseph Standing were surrounded in Varnell, Georgia by an angry mob of anti-Mormons. The mob killed Standing and tried to do the same to Clawson who then said "Shoot!" The mob soon fled due to Clawson's defiance and willingness to face them.

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- LDS Church (Mormon) membership numbers over the years from 1829 to 2017

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How LDS (Mormon) church leaders talk about faith and truth over time

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There is a film genre called Mormon Cinema aka LDS Cinema aka "MOLLYWOOD." These Mormon-centric films features famous actors such as Anne Hathaway and Gary Cole.

The Mormon church (LDS) is connected to 32 billion dollars in the us stock market. - source

We owe thanks to the Mormons of the LDS for developing the genealogy database GEDCOM - source

The Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS or Mormon) assigns Membership Record Numbers to members of the Church and their family members.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that it is permissible to levy property taxes on the LDS (Mormon) temple in Preston, UK due to the fact that it is not a "public place of religious worship." The LDS church restricts access to their temples, only allowing certain Mormons to enter. - source

When will lds book of mormon videos be released? is owned by the LDS or Mormon religion and it is widely believed that this if used as proxy for collecting names for their baptism of the dead ritual.

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How LDS (Mormon) leaders speak about faith and truth over time.

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