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In Eastern Orthodox legend, a dog-headed mythical figure was claimed to have been captured in battle. He eventually converted to Christianity and was dubbed Saint Christopher. The dog-headed saint is depicted in religious art.

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In Lebanon, the president must be a Maronite Christian, the prime minister a Sunni Muslim, the speaker of the parliament a Shi'a Muslim and the deputy prime minister Eastern Orthodox

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  1. Except for cats, insects and songbirds, absolutely no women of any species are allowed to enter Mount Athos, a Greek peninsula self-governed by Eastern Orthodox monks, to make living in celibacy easier for them

  2. In the early 1600s, St. Patrick's Day became a Christian day of feast. It is recognized by the Anglican, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Lutheran churches.

  3. According to old European tradition, St. John's wort is harvested on the 24th of June. This date is celebrated as St. John's day in Eastern Orthodox church, hence the name - St. John's wort.

  4. Hagia Sophia was the focal point of the Eastern Orthodox Church for 1000 years.

  5. The use of three words, "and the Son," constitutes one of the predominant reasons for the Great Schism, in which Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox split in 1054.

  6. In the Eastern Orthodox Church there is an eighth deadly sin - despair.

  7. Despite being separate and theologically opposed offices, both the current Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Patriarchs of Alexandia are named Theodoros II.

  8. The pejorative term "navel-gazing" originates from an actual form of meditation practiced by ancient Greeks, Hindui yogis, and Eastern Orthodox Christians.

  9. The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey served as an Eastern Orthodox cathedral, a Roman Catholic cathedral, an Ottoman mosque, and opened as a museum in 1935.

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A Roman Centurion, Marcellus of Tangier who was beheaded for breaking his military oath because of his Christian beliefs. He is now venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches.

The Eastern Orthodox Church once held a religious service in honour of Russian nuclear stockpile. - source

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