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1% of Caucasians have a genetic defect that makes them completely immune to HIV due to missing CCR5 receptors which is required for HIV to invade the cell, and that a stem cell transplant from these people could permanently cure someone from HIV

how prevalent are birth defects resulting from genetic factors?

Dimples are in fact genetic defects, as muscles grow incorrectly and leave a gap between them.

What genetic defect causes down syndrome?

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what genetic defect causes cystic fibrosis?

  1. Approximately one in every 2 Million lobsters has a genetic defect due to an increased protein they produce that causes them to be blue.

  2. Many white tigers in zoos are white because of forced repetitive inbreeding and almost always born with genetic defects.

  3. There is a genetic defect among Fruit Flies that cause them to die within two days. Its discoverer named the defect "Kenny" after the character in South Park.

  4. Although considered by many to be taboo when cousins get married, the risk of them having offspring with genetic defects is not significantly higher than two random strangers having kids.

  5. Patient SM who due to a genetic defect of amygdala is unable to experience fear. Described as very outgoing, extremely friendly & disinhibited, she has an abnormally high tendency to approach & engage in physical contact with others & is greatly impaired in recognizing negative social cues

  6. In 2003, unnatural-looking skeletal remains measuring "six inches long" were found... genetic analysis show the unknown baby suffered a staggering number of defects including progeria, dwarfism, and scoliosis

  7. Sometimes the small intestine is damaged or deformed because of genetic defects, congenital conditions, or developmental problems.

  8. Other specific causes of diabetes include genetic defects, exocrine pancreatic defects, endocrinopathies, infections, and certain drugs such as statins and thyroid hormone.

  9. The number of birth defects and still births in post-war Fallujah, Iraq multiplied 17-fold. And that the city has the highest level of genetic damage in any studied population.

  10. A theory that genetic defects are NOT the cause of cancer. Instead the actual initial cause is a cellular failure to properly metabolize glucose.

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What causes genetic defects in babies?

Why are most genetic defects related to enzyme function?

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All White Tigers are inbred. There is no species of White Tiger, the white coat is actually a genetic defect.

"Triple X syndrome". A genetic defect affecting around 1 in 1000 women. Symptoms include: Taller than average stature, slightly lower IQ and wide spacing between the eyes. - source

Male calico cats are rare because of a genetic defect, Trisomy - source

Dogs have a form of retardation compared to wolves, due to a genetic mutation making them overly friendly and juvenile-like. Humans may have similar, resulting in Williams Syndrome: bubbly, extroverted personalities, broad forehead, full cheeks, heart defects, and intellectual disability.

A rare genetic defect can cause people to walk on all fours like a bear - source

When was the widespread use of genetic screening of embryos for conditions?

There are goats with a genetic disease, which faint immediately when they are afraid of something. The defect can affect every mammal, even humans.

How does inbreeding lead to genetic defects?

Cousin marriages are highly favoured in Pakistan. Almost 50% of Pakistani marriages are first cousin marriages and it has been responsible for rising blood disorders and genetic defects

Dimples, which are considered marks of beauty and loveliness, are actually facial deformities. They are genetic defects that are caused by shortened facial muscles.

There is a man Matthias Schlitte who has a rare genetic defect which makes his right arm 33% bigger than the other and is called Hellboy Arm

There is a family is completely quadrupedal, i.e, walks on all fours due to genetic defects.

The added risk of genetic defects of first-cousin marriage is about equal to that of a woman getting pregnant over age 40

State the condition when genetic code is said to be degenerate?

About a genetic defect that has caused a small number of baby girls to never grow older.

About janus cats- cats with two faces but only one brain. Scientists are unsure why this happens but believe some embroys may have an excess of the sonic hedgehog protein which helps form the face. The oldest janus cat, Frankenlouie, lived to be 15, but most die early from this genetic defect.

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