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Almost any parent-child combination of eye colors can occur. The genetics of eye colour are complex and has moved on from the original thought that eye colour was determined by a single gene, with brown being dominant and blue recessive.

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When an Army depot was built in 1941, a herd of white deer with a recessive gene were trapped inside. This created a whole heard of the rare deer to flourish inside.

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  1. The people of Melanesia independently developed a recessive gene for blond hair. This is distinct from the blond hair gene found in Western populations

  2. The gene for having an extra finger is dominant opposed to the normal 5 fingers in each hand which is recessive.

  3. The distinctive pattern of a Siamese cat's coat is because of a recessive gene that causes pigment to only appear in "cooler" areas of their body. This is why their warm body is white, while their cooler paws, ears, and other extremities are dark brown

  4. There is a village in Bali where, due to a recessive gene, so many people are born deaf that hearing people use sign language, called Kata Kolok, and spoken language equally.

  5. In Scotland, 10% of the population have red hair and approximately 35% carry the recessive redhead gene. In Ireland as many as 10% of the population have red, auburn, or strawberry blond hair. It is thought that up to 46% of the Irish population carry the recessive redhead gene.

  6. Bell peppers are the only Capsicum pepper which aren't spicy--all because of a recessive gene which eliminates capsaicin!

  7. Kim Peek, the savant who inspired the film Rain Man, was not autistic. He had a condition called FG syndrome, a rare genetic condition caused by one or more recessive genes located on the X chromosome. This results physical anomalies and developmental delays.

  8. Morphs of Axolotls, a type of salamander, include one with a gene called GFP which makes them glow under blacklight. This is a genetically modified protein in their DNA that was originally introduced in a lab setting but is now passed on as a recessive gene.

  9. A Kermode Bear, or Spirit Bear, a rare subspecies of the American black bear living in British Columbia known for their white or cream-colored coats like polar bears. This color is due to a double recessive gene unique in the subspecies. They are not albinos.

  10. Malaria-prone regions generally have significantly higher rates of sickle cell anaemia, as carriers for the recessive anaemia gene have a natural genetic resistance to malaria

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There was a family in Kentucky known as the "Blue Fugates" who were carriers of a gene that caused them to have blue skin. The condition is known as methemoglobinemia and because there was so much inbreeding in the family the recessive gene was passed on for decades.

Baldness caused by hair follicle sensitivity to testosterone byproduct (recessive gene on X chromosome), not testosterone itself. - source

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