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A woman who is literally fearless due to a rare genetic condition known as Urbach-Wiethe disease that hardened her amygdala - part of the brain responsible for fear response. Researchers exposed her to potentially terrifying experiences and none of them scared her.

Getting goosebumps from music is a rare condition that actually implies different brain structure. People who experience goosebumps from music have more fibers connecting their auditory cortex and areas associated with emotional processing, meaning the two areas can communicate better.

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  1. There is a rare condition called Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM) that only around 60 people in the world are known to have. This condition makes the person remember nearly every day in their life in exact details.

  2. The False Positive Paradox describes a situation where a "highly accurate" test is worthless if the testing condition is rare enough. Example: If 10 people in a city of 20 million are "bad guys" and a surveillance program identifies them with 99% accuracy, then 99.995% of positives will be false

  3. Williams syndrome, a rare genetic condition characterized by a distinctive cheerful and endearing personality, heightened social skills and friendliness, but poor visuo-spatial ability and heart problems.

  4. A Green Bay Packers fan who paid for game tickets by donating blood, had a rare, undiagnosed condition in which blood letting was the only treatment. Buying tickets continuously saved his life.

  5. Richard Marsh is a rare survivor of locked-in syndrome, a condition where a patient can only move his or her eye muscles. During his coma, Richard watched his wife beg doctors not to take him off of life support, and witnessed his own rough handling by the nighttime staff.

  6. Lizzie Velasquez has a condition that is so rare that only two other people are known to have it. She weighs 64 pounds and must eat every 15 minutes to stay alive. She is unable to gain weight.

  7. Praying mantises rarely eat their mates in the wild; it primarily happens in captivity under stressful conditions.

  8. About Exploding Head Syndrome, a rare condition where you hear a tremendously loud crash, buzz, or similar noise in your head as you are falling asleep. There is no pain associated and there is no harm caused as a result, but it can be quite unsettling.

  9. Inbreeding and the rare genetic condition methemoglobinemia resulted in a blue-skinned family in Kentucky named the Fugates.

  10. When David Levy was born in Morocco with the rare congenital condition of aposthia- having no foreskin- the local rabbis prophesied he’d be the leader of the Jewish people. He ended up serving three terms as deputy prime minister of Israel.

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Getting goosebumps from music is a rare condition that actually implies different brain structure. People who experience goosebumps from music have more fibers connecting their auditory cortex and areas associated with emotional processing, meaning the two areas can communicate better.

"Sinus Inversus", a rare condition where you are born with all your internal organs on the opposite side of your body. It is harmless by itself and people are often unaware that they have it. - source

In 2013 a California couple discovered a trove of gold coins in their backyard while walking their dog. Tucked away in eight buried cans were 1,427 rare mint-condition coins dating from 1847 to 1894. A rare coin expert who represents the finders, appraised the U.S. coins at $11 million. - source

Apples are generally red, green, yellow, but if the right geographical conditions are met, they can apparently grow dark purple, almost black, as well. These rare apples are called Black Diamond and they are currently only grown in the mountains of Tibet.

A family of people with blue skin lived in Kentucky for many generations. The Fulgates of Troublesome Creek are thought to have gained their blue skin through a combination of inbreeding and a rare genetic condition known as methemoglobinemia. - source

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Sheila Chandra, singer of classic 80s hit Ever So Lonely, has developed a rare condition called Burning Mouth Syndrome which causes intense pain when speaking or singing, effectively rendering her mute.

It is possible to be allergic to exercise, the condition is medically known as 'Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis' and is relatively rare. Ceasing exercise immediately improves the symptoms some of which can be life-threatening.

A woman had her DUI dismissed after she presented a judge with evidence of her 'Auto-brewery syndrome'. A rare condition in which the gut ferments carbohydrates, producing the ethanol that gets them drunk.

While pregnant a woman can conceive another child, resulting in two fetuses of different gestational ages. This very rare condition is called superfetation.

The patient S.M., a female who had a rare genetic condition which caused the destruction of her amygdala, had no capacity to experience fear or anxiety, even when held at gunpoint.

Rhabdo," a rare condition resulting in catastrophic muscle cell breakdown, is common vernacular in the Crossfit culture.

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Olivia Farnsworth. Olivia is 7 years old, doesn’t feel pain, and never feels tired or hungry. This is because a rare chromosome condition. One day she was hit by car and dragged down the street about 100 feet. Olivia walked away with only minor injuries.

A 44 year old woman suffers from a very rare condition called Urbach–Wiethe disease, which removes her sense of fear.

Dr. Joel Salinas, who has a rare condition called the mirror-touch synesthesia. If he sees someone slapped across the cheek, Salinas feels a hint of the slap against his own cheek. A pinch on a stranger’s right arm might become a tickle on his own.

There's a rare form of dwarfism caused by extreme conditions of stress and deprivation which literally makes children stop growing but can be reversed when these children are placed in a foster or group home.

Babies and children with the rare condition known as CIPA (congenital insensitivity to pain) will do horrific things like chew their lips or fingers bloody in their sleep, are indifferent to broken bones, frostbite, and appendicitis, and wolf down scalding hot foods.

Taylor Muhl, a woman with a unique birthmark where one side of her body is redder than the other half, due to a rare medical condition called tetramagetic chimerism, where she has two sets of DNA in her body. She is literally her own twin.

The rare genetic condition myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy can give babies and toddlers the ability to perform amazing feats of strength. One such case was Liam Hoekstra, who could perform upside-down situps, and could lift himself into an Iron Cross position across his mother's hands.

Soapberry is small tree that can reach 30 feet in height and 25 to 40 feet in width. Size of a tree depends on the growing conditions. When it grows in clumps and thickets, it rarely exceeds height of 20 feet.

Yellow reindeer lichen contains usnic acid that can induce rash, itch and rarely formation of pimples, when it comes in contact with skin (condition known as lichen dermatitis).

A somewhat rare, often musician-oriented condition called 'Focal Dystonia' which affects finger coordination due to involuntary movement can be partially controlled (in some cases) by simply wearing a glove.

King Tut suffered from a myriad of health conditions bc his parents were brother and sister. He had a club foot, feminine hips, an overbite, pronounced breasts, and a rare genetic condition called Kohler’s disease. He was significantly deformed and led a life of intense physical suffering.

When someone is overhydrated they have a condition called hyper hydration or water intoxication. This is dangerous and can even be deadly. But it is rare in normal circumstances.

There is a rare medical condition that bloodletting is still used for treatment.

About a rare medical condition called auto-brewery syndrome, in which a type of yeast produces significant amounts of alcohol in the human digestive system. People affected by it can randomly become intoxicated, or are intoxicated constantly.

Great Basin bristlecone pines are rare trees that can be found in the park that can survive as long as 4000 years or longer even in very harsh conditions.

Under optimal weather conditions, coconut tree can produce 75 fruits per year, but that happens extremely rare. More often, coconut tree produces 30 fruits each year.

There is a condition called "Uncombable Hair", a rare, inherited condition, where hair has heart shaped or triangular follicles causing the hair to be almost impossible to comb and straw like. Albert Einstein had this condition.

There is a rare condition in which a person will suddenly speak in their native language with a foreign accent, usually occurring after a brain injury.

Kim Peek, the savant who inspired the film Rain Man, was not autistic. He had a condition called FG syndrome, a rare genetic condition caused by one or more recessive genes located on the X chromosome. This results physical anomalies and developmental delays.

There is a rare condition called "Aquagenic Urticaria" in which the person is allergic to water.

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