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About Jack Trice. He was the second black college football player. Before his first game, he wrote about how proud he was to have the opportunity. He was intentionally targeted throughout the game, breaking his collarbone and causing internal bleeding, which in turn caused his death.

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Scientist John All fell into a 70-foot deep crevasse in Nepal. He broke 15 bones and was bleeding internally but miraculously survived and was able to document his climb out.

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  1. In 2003 an ER doctor in Idaho saved a patient's life by performing emergency surgery with a cordless drill in a church parking lot to relieve pressure on his brain caused by internal bleeding.

  2. About a tiny Australian marsupial that is literally sexing itself into extinction. During a 3-week sex marathon session males have so much sex their bodies produce fatal levels of testosterone, causing immune system failure that result in internal bleeding, fur loss, ulcerations and gangrene.

  3. About a snake 'Boomslang' whose bite can cause people to bleed from every orifice in their body, can cause internal bleeding and it will take them around 5 days to die from bleeding.

  4. Common lancehead is aggressive by nature. It is responsible for more than half of the snake bites in South America. Common lancehead produces strong hemotoxic venom (venom which destroys blood cells and blood vessels and leads to massive internal bleeding). Common lancehead often hides on the plantations of coffee and bananas where it hunts rodents. It attacks unaware farmers and workers when they approach close enough. Bite of common lancehead can end up fatally. All victims require urgent medical attention.

  5. The Assassin Caterpillar has a venom so potent that just brushing against one can cause pain, rash, and bleeding. Touch more than one, they often group together, and symptoms include massive internal hemorrhaging, renal failure, and death. Fortunately, an antivenom is available.

  6. All parts of goldenrods that grow above the ground have medical properties. Leaves and flowers are especially popular and often used in treatment of kidney stones and urinary tract infections. Besides that, goldenrods are used in treatment of internal bleeding, diabetes, hay fever, inflammation and indigestion.

  7. Tea and juice obtained from comfrey are used in treatment of ulcers, internal bleeding, colitis, nasal congestion, cough and diarrhea.

  8. As Ebola becomes worse after the first symptoms a person will experience diarrhea, vomiting, kidney and liver problems, and sometimes external or internal bleeding.

  9. Water moccasin coils the body and widely opens its white mouth to expose large fangs when it is threatened. It is not aggressive by nature, but it will not hesitate to attack all intruders that refuse to retreat. Water moccasin produces strong hemotoxic venom which destroys blood cells and induces massive internal bleeding. Bites can be very painful and they can end fatally. Luckily, antivenin is available in the majority of hospitals in the USA.

  10. In 1997, a 17 year old boy was admitted to the hospital with internal bleeding. He had been smoking a combination of brodifacoum, an anti-clotting rat poison, mixed with marijuana. He was treated with vitamin K and survived. This was the first case of brodifacoum intoxication by inhalation.

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Spiny bush viper produces strong venom which induces severe bleeding of internal organs. Amount and strength of the venom depend on the age of snake, geographic region, altitude and even weather.

Symptoms of infection include fever, fatigue, a sore throat, headaches, muscle pain, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, impaired liver and kidney function, internal and external bleeding, and low white blood cell count.

In 2002, a woman won £13,000 in compensation from an airline after she was squashed by an obese woman during an 11-hour flight. When the plane landed, she had internal bleeding, severe bruising and torn leg muscles.

Bite of boomslang can be fatal for humans. First signs of envenomation appear few hours or one day after bite. Venom induces internal bleeding that leads to death if person does not receive an antivenin.

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WWII sailors would drink the 180-proof grain alcohol fuel used in United States Navy torpedo motors. The mixture was denatured with methanol causing sailors to go blind and later switched to Croton oil which caused painful cramps, internal bleeding and a violent emptying of the bowels.

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During mating season for the antechinus marsupial of Australia, the males mate relentlessly for three weeks, massive hormone releases causing their immune systems to crash, their fur to fall out, internal bleeding, and blindness. In the end, they are all dead.

There is a snake it Africa called Boomslang. Its venom disables coagulation and the victim may die as a result of internal and external bleeding.

Until the 1990's, Iron poisoning from medication/supplements was the leading cause of poisoning death in children under six. This is because too much iron is a corrosive and cellular toxin, which can lead to excessive internal bleeding, vomiting, coma, organ failure, and death.

You can die from a nose bleed. Nosebleeds can be caused by a torn internal carotid artery and in that case the bleeding can be fast enough to be life threatening. It’s also possible for a milder nosebleed to block your airway and asphyxiate you.

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