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1 in 1000 men can have what's called "XYY syndrome", where they have an extra Y chromosome. And for a long time people wrongly believed that these people had a higher tenancy to a life of crime.

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1 in 1000 males are born with an extra Y chromosome. Many are unaware that they have the condition as it displays few symptoms and does not cause infertility.

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  1. 69,XXX (Triplod syndrome) is a rare human chromosomal disorder where all 23 pairs of chromosomes each have an extra one chromosome giving a total of 69 instead of 46 chromosomes

  2. Male tortoiseshell cats get their unique patterns from an extra chromosome that also causes sterility. Many are also chimeras.

  3. The song lyrics for 46 and 2 by the band Tool explains the possibility of human evolution when evolving 2 extra chromosomes at some point which would then morph us into a higher conscious being.

  4. The vast majority of tortoiseshell cats are female, because two X chromosomes are required to produce the unique coloring. The rare male born with tortoiseshell coloring has an extra chromosome (XXY instead of XY), and as a result is (usually) sterile.

  5. 88% of men with an extra male chromosome (XYY instead of XY) don't know they have it. Often referred to as the 'supermale' syndrome, symptoms include above average height, longer arm span, aggressiveness, and facial acne.

  6. one in six hundred men in the UK has an extra x chromosome

  7. Today I learns that having extra chromosomes isn't good.

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