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Practically all animals make vitamin C in their bodies, so they don't have to eat it. The exceptions are guinea pigs, fruit eating bats, the red vented bulbul bird and primates, including man.

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One of the largest bats in the world, the golden-capped fruit bat, with a wingspan of 5.6 feet, does not posses echolocation. It instead relies on its keen senses of sight and smell to locate food, usually traveling more than 25 miles for it. The species is now facing extinction.

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  1. 70% of all of the World's fruit is pollinated solely by bats.

  2. Short-nosed female fruit bats perform oral sex on their male counterparts to increase copulation time. They are the only non-primate species known to exhibit such behaviour.

  3. 70% of all bats eat insects. Other bats consume fruits. Just three species out of 1100 known species eat blood (including human blood). Blood-eating species live in the South America. They can transmit rabies and "Darling's disease" (histoplasmosis).

  4. Cycads are source of food for many animals. Larvae of certain butterflies and ants eat secretion from the leaves, cattle feeds on the leaves, while fruit bats eat seeds.

  5. All bats can be divided in two large groups: mega bats and microbats. Mega bats are fruit eating, large animals with good eye sight. They live in warmer climates and prefer life on the trees instead in the caves. Microbats are usually smaller, use eco-location to find insects and prefer life in the caves.

  6. The Pteropodidae family fruit bats are believed to be the natural host of the Ebola virus. The bats transmit the virus to other animals or humans through secretions or blood.

  7. It is possible to reduce the risk of contracting the Marburg virus including limiting the exposure of pigs in Africa to fruit bats, which are natural carriers. Avoiding caves inhabited by fruit bats can also reduce risk of exposure.

  8. Humans, guinea pigs, and fruit bats are some of the few animals that can't produce their own Vitamin C.

  9. It is believed that the Pteropodidae family fruit bats naturally carry the virus.

  10. Ryukyu flying-fox is also known as fruit bat, because of its specific diet. People persecute Ryukyu flying-fox in some areas to protect their crops (various commercially important types of fruit).

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Carriers of the virus include fruit bats, chimpanzees, gorillas, porcupines, and monkeys. Contact with the blood, bodily fluids, or secretions of carriers can cause the virus to transmit to humans.

Female Short-Nosed Fruit Bats often lick their mate's penis during dorsoventral copulation. Basically they give Batjobs. - source

Monkeys and fruit bats are common carriers of Marburg virus and animal to human transmission usually occurs through this.

Flying foxes (fruit bats) are more similar to primates than they are to other bats

Dayak fruit bats are the only known mammals where both the males and females produce milk. - source

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Two male bears from a zoo in Croatia were caught engaging in oral sex -- Oral sex is well documented in mammals as diverse as rats, fruit bats, horses, goats, dolphins, most primates, cheetahs, lions, hyenas, sheep and cattle.

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Common carriers of the Ebola virus include porcupines of the rainforest, forest antelope, monkeys, gorillas, chimpanzees, and the fruit bat.

The short-nosed fruit bat (Cynopterus sphinx) routinely engages in oral sex, the first time fellatio has been seen in adult animals other than humans.

Female greater short-nosed fruit bats lick the shaft or the base of the male's penis during sex to increase the duration of copulation.

Fruit Bats share the anatomy that defines a primate.

Certain trees are dependent on bats to germinate - allspice will not grow without first being passed through a bat's digestive system and cacao trees require bats to eat the fruit and discard the cocoa bean, since the fruit will not drop on its own!

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The origin of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa was traced to a 2 year old child who died on December 6, 2013, in the village of Méliandou in southern Guinea. The child may have contracted Ebola from eating fruit contaminated by a fruit bat.

In Palau the fruit bat soup is commonly eaten. Fruit bats are considered to be a delicacy and are known to have a flavor similar to that of chicken, and this maybe the reason behind the spreading of Ebola.

Fruit Bats are scientifically known as Megabats

Livingstone's fruit bats are the only bats to have red eyes

Achilles the Livingstone's fruit bat hates squash

How big are fruit bats?

The a certain kind of Fruit Bat is the only non-primate observed in the act of fellatio

Henry Cavill (Superman) is the real bat man and supports Livingstone's fruit bat conservation!

Oral sex is common among Fruit Bats and it prolongs copulation time.

A human and a fruit bat are more similar than a Mexican Burrowing Toad is to any other amphibian.

People in Jakarta eat fruit bats because they think it will cure asthma.

The only non-primate animal known to perform oral sex is the greater short-nosed fruit bat. (with video)

Fruit Bats perform fellatio during mating

While there is only a very small handful of male mammals don't have nipples, there is also the male Dayak Fruit Bat, known for its lactating mammary glands

Dogs can carry Ebola (so can Pigs, Rodents, Antelopes, Porcupines, Fruit Bats, Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Monkeys)

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