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Female Komodo Dragons can impregnate themselves without a male through a process called parthenogenesis. By forcing duplication of sex chromosomes they can give birth to male Komodo Dragons and keep their species alive.

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Alligators do not have sex-determining chromosomes. Instead, the sex is determined by the temperature of the environment the alligator is in.

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  1. Female Humans are considered the “fundamental” sex because all fertilized eggs become females unless a single gene in the Y chromosome is present.

  2. Female Komodo dragons can impregnate themselves without a male through a process called "parthenogenesis." They can force the duplication of sex chromosomes and give birth to male Komodo dragons; keeping the species alive.

  3. Bearded Dragons’ sex is determined not solely by chromosomes, but by incubation temperature. If kept at below 32 degrees C, the egg will be male, and if kept above 32 degrees C, it will be female. This is common for many types of reptiles and fish!

  4. The protozoa Oxytricha trifallax has 16,000 chromosomes (humans have 46) and has "sex without reproduction". Each cell swaps half its genome with the other rather than producing offspring.

  5. Male birds have homologous sex chromosomes (ZZ) while female birds have heterologous sex chromosomes (ZW), unlike us mammals.

  6. The sex-determining property of the Y chromosome was discovered by a woman

  7. Unlike humans and other animal whose sex is mainly by sex chromosomes, some lizards' sex is mainly decided by temperature and other physical conditions.Low temperature can lead to female development in egg and high temperature can lead to male development in egg.

  8. In the Platypus genome, there are 10 sex chromosomes. Males have YYYYY and females have XXXXX

  9. Monotremes, such as platypuses, have 10 sex determining chromosomes, while many mammals, like humans, have two.

  10. A Platypus has ten sex chromosomes instead of two like most mammals

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Why are sex chromosomes not called autosomes?

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The human sex chromosomes can combine in quite a few ways other than XX “female” and XY “male”—X, XXX, XXY, XYY, XXXX, XXXY…

Platypuses have 10 sex chromosomes. i.e. XYXYXYXYXY or XXXXXXXXXX. - source

Platypuses have five pairs of sex chromosomes, the largest number of any mammalian species. - source

Sea turtle's sex is determined by the temperature not sex chromosomes!

Platypus sperm contains five sex chromosomes, XXXXX for female offspring and YYYYY for male - source

What happens when a male has xxy sex chromosomes?

Birds, butterflies, and snakes use different chromosomes to determine sex. Instead of X and Y chromosomes, they have Z and W chromosomes

How many sex chromosomes do humans have?

There is an organism called Tetrahymena. A single-cell protozoan that has 2 nuclei. One diploid micronucleus, & one WHOPPING 45-ploid macronucleus! High-school Bio: we have haploid sex cells & diploid body cells. Their macronucleus has up to 300 Chromosomes vs. our 46 (diploid cell)!

There is a medical condition in which an individual has 5 sex chromosomes

About an extreme aneuploidic sex chromosomal abnormality (more chromosomes than normal) which affects around 1/100,000 males... Instead of XY, affected males have XXXXY chromosomes...

Platypus have 5 pairs of chromosomes to determine sex!

There is a Disorder of Sex Development in which females can have XY chromosomes. Normally males have XY chromosomes, and females have XX.

When considering the sex chromosomes pseudoautosomal regions refer to?

Most calico cats are female because the color gene is in the sex chromosome

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