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When hummingbirds reach puberty, the males’ beaks grow longer and sharper. They use them to stab other males in the throat to secure mating spots.

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A woman's clitoris at puberty is 1.7x larger than birth, at 32 it is 4x larger, and by the time a woman reaches menopause it's 7x larger!

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  1. There's a rare genetic disorder known as testotoxicosis. As the name implies, it only affects males. Affected men will reach puberty at just 2 or 3 years old.

  2. Alessandro Moreschi, the last Castrato. He was castrated before reaching puberty in order to preserve his soprano singing voice. The recordings he made in his late forties are the only known recordings of a castrato singing voice.

  3. Based on the anatomy of inner ear and crest of young and adult animals, researchers concluded that young Parasaurolophus was able to hear and produce sounds of high frequency, while adult animals used deeper "voices" for communication (similar transition of depth of voice happens in humans when they reach puberty).

  4. Children are not obligated to fast during Ramadan, not until they have reached puberty, but some practice in order to prepare for adult participation.

  5. Males leave their native herds when they reach puberty. Young males travel alone or gathered in bachelor herds. Adult males prefer solitary life.

  6. The Batoro people of Uganda have a rite of passage called 'kachapati' (meaning 'spraying the wall'), where the older women of the village will teach the younger females how to ejaculate when they reach puberty.

  7. About castrati, young males who were castrated before hitting puberty so their voices could reach the soprano, mezzo-soprano, and contralto ranges. Common in the Baroque period, the last known castrato died in 1922.

  8. Shirley Temple had earned $3 million for her performances before she even reached puberty.

  9. About the Deuki tradition in Nepal: "Rich families would buy young girls from poor families or poor families would leave their daughters at temples as an offering to the gods before they reached puberty and were still considered 'pure.'" It has been abolished. For many older Deukis life is hard.

  10. Sexually abused girls reach puberty before other girls.

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Guevedoces, children with a genetic disorder that causes them to not develop signs of being male until they reach puberty, appearing to be female until then - source

Young girls(<12) who eat the most meat were more likely to reach puberty at a much younger age than what naturally is. It is also theorized that such early puberty increases the risk of cancer and heart disease. - source

Penis pins" were formerly used as a chastity measure for young Chamorro boys on the island of Guam. These nail-like pins were put through the head of the penis and bent so they would stay in. The pins were removed by their mothers when they reached puberty.

About Guevedoces. Children who are found in Las Salinas, who physically appear to be female but grow male genitals when they reach the age of puberty. The study of this village and the children also lead to the discovery of Finasterid, a drug that can treat baldness and enlarged prostate. - source

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In the African country of Malawi men, known as "hyenas", are hired by parents to have sex with their daughters once they've reached puberty.

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Prophet Muhammad had 600-900 Jews beheaded in a single day after conquering their city (All males who have reached puberty)

Some males from a small community in Domenican Republic don't grow a penis until they reach puberty, and have what appears to be female sex organs up until that point - they are knows as "Guevedoces".

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