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Ducks penises explode outward, have spikes on them, shapeshift, fall off after every mating season, and can grow back longer if there are more males around

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Male Billy Goats smell so bad because they urinate on their own head, beard, and front legs to smell more attractive to females during their mating season

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  1. In Tasmanian Devilmating season, the male has to beat the female into submission if he wants to mate. If the male is too timid the female proceeds to beat up the male.

  2. There's a species of marsupial that fucks to death. The Antechinus males all die en masse at the end of each mating season, after vigorous and sustained sexual encounters causes their bodies to disintegrate from stress.

  3. Alligators in Louisiana have learned to balance sticks on their snouts during bird mating seasons to lure in prey while looking for nest materials

  4. During mating season, male Dawson’s bees try to bite each other to death in a frenzy, resulting in “whole generations of male bees wiping each other out” & in 1 male emerging to mate with the female. Dawson’s bees communities are harmonious for most of the year because all the males are dead.

  5. Emus are a sex-role reversed species. The female emus battle each other for mating rights, while male emus will construct the nest, brood the eggs, and rear the chicks, usually alone, though the female may remain to protect him during incubation. Females may mate with three males a season.

  6. Reproduction of armadillos is very unique. Although mating season takes place in July, female becomes pregnant in November. This is called "delayed implantation". Female can postpone her pregnancy until environmental conditions become satisfying.

  7. Male wildebeest are also known as "clowns of savanna" because of the weird behavior during mating season.

  8. Mating season of saw sharks takes place seasonally in the coastal areas. Females mate once every two years.

  9. Mating season of Przewalski’s horses usually takes place during the spring and summer.

  10. Jerboa is a solitary creature. It rarely gathers in larger groups (except during the mating season).

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Mating season of Humboldt penguins takes place all year round.

Mating season depends on the geographic location. It usually takes place during the warm season.

Spider monkeys do not have specifically determined mating season - they are able to breed throughout the whole year.

Mating season lasts from August to November (depending on the geographic region).

Some species of seahorses are monogamous (they mate for life), while other stay together only during a breeding season.

When mating season for cats?

Mating season of king snakes takes place during the spring.

How long is coyote mating season?

Darwin's frog is solitary creature that gathers with other frogs only during the mating season.

Mating season of black bears takes place during the summer (from June to July).

Mating season of frigatebirds takes place on dry islands and coasts from August to October.

Males produce purring croaks during the mating season to attract females.

Muntjacs produce barking sound in the case of danger (to inform other animals) and during the mating season (to find mate). Because of that, muntjacs are also known as barking deer.

When is coyote mating season?

Mating season takes place during rainy season, from January to March.

Mating season of dark-eyed juncos starts in April.

Males and females live in separate groups. They mix only during the mating season.

Mating season of guinea fowls takes place at the end of the rainy season.

Mating season of most catfish species takes place in the late spring and early summer.

How long is alligator mating season?

Mating season of blue marlins takes place late in the summer or early in the autumn.

Mating season of stink bugs starts in spring, usually in May, when they emerge from hibernation.

Mating season of Wilson's bird of paradise takes place two times per year: from May to June and in October.

Mating season of long-eared owls takes place between February and July.

Mating season of massasaugas takes place during the spring.

Mating takes place during rainy season in April and May.

Ravens are excellent fliers which perform numerous acrobatics in the air (especially during the mating season). They are even able to fly upside-down as much as half of a mile.

Mating season of Chinese white dolphin takes place from the end of the summer to autumn. During the courtship, dolphins swim together and touch each other.

Locals claim that Andean cats mate from July to August. Scientists believe that mating season may last to November or December because they observed young kittens in the wild both during the October and April.

Jackrabbits are solitary animals except during the mating season which takes place from February to July. Phrase "as mad as March hare" refers to unusual "boxing" behavior of jackrabbits that is typically seen during the spring. Females use their paws to hit males when they want to avoid copulation.

Mating season of pademelons takes place all year round and reaches the peak during the spring and autumn.

Mating season of moorhens takes place from April to August.

Crocodiles mate during monsoon season. Female lays 20-80 eggs and take care of them 3 months.

Mating season of hamsters takes place during the spring and summer. Females produce few litters per year.

Mating season of gray rat snakes takes place from April to July.

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