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The Himalayas are home to many species including wild goats, Tibetan sheep, musk deer, snow leapards, mountain goats, black bears, tigers, red pandas, and giant pandas, as well as a variety of birds including the grey bushchat, hill partridge, and Himalayan bulbul.

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Deer, Musk ox, and polar bears feed along the coastal region.

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  1. At the 2011 Women's World Cup, five members of the North Korea team tested positive for steroids. Officials said team members were hit by lightening, requiring treatment with deer musk (a traditional Asian medicine), triggering the positive result.

  2. In 2014 an endangered deer with vampirelike fangs was spotted for the first time in nearly 60 years in NE Afghanistan.The fanged creature is known as the Kashmir musk deer. Only the male deer have fangs, and they use them during mating season to compete for females

  3. The Musk Deer; a deer with vampire fangs.

  4. Musky" mens frangrances are made from the chemicals that the Musk Deer uses to mark it's territory.

  5. The Siberian Musk Deer -- a deer with frigging vampire fangs!

  6. The "musk" scent in some perfumes comes from small glands found on male musk deer.

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