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After closely investigating Michael Jackson for more than a decade, the FBI found nothing to suggest that Jackson was guilty of child abuse.

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Witches in parts of medieval Europe where weighed. A witch had to be almost weightless to fly on a broom. Nobody was found guilty of witchcraft at the weigh house in Oudewater.

Unlike adults juveniles are found to be what instead of guilty?

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  1. In 1906, a Moroccan serial killer was sentenced to be walled up alive after he was found guilty of murdering 36 women (the bodies were found buried beneath his shop and garden). His cries for help were heard for two days before he went silent.

  2. BuzzFeed writer Benny Johnson was found guilty of plagiarizing over 40 different times before he was fired. He was subsequently hired by National Review as a social media editor.

  3. James Gordon Wolcott killed his family with a .22 long-barrel in 1967. Found not guilty by reason of insanity, he was later released and is now a psychology professor and chair of the Behavioral Sciences department at Millikin University, going by the name James St. James.

  4. A lawyer was hired for a traffic case. Instead of sitting his client at the witness table, he dressed another lawyer to look like the client. When the only witness (a policeman) was asked to point to the defendant in the room, he pointed to the fake client. The real client was found not guilty

  5. A Los Angeles teacher was found guilty of putting his own semen on cookies and making students eat them. His crime was discovered after he took photos of the act & had them developed at a CVS

  6. A man was found guilty of an unsolved murder by tattooing the murder scene on his chest

  7. In 2006 a US Soldier pleaded guilty to murdering two officers in Iraq in exchange for life in prison. His plea was rejected so he could be tried at Court Martial under the dealth penalty, where he was found not guilty and given an Honorable Discharge.

  8. A dead pope once got put on trial in the year 897. They dug up Pope Formosus, propped his corpse up on a throne and they actually asked the fucker questions and a Deacon answered on behalf of him. And they found him guilty of perjury.

  9. In 1977 singer Tom Waits was arrested outside a coffee shop for trying to stop men from bullying other patrons.These men were plainclothes officers,and Waits was charged with disturbing the peace.Waits disputed the charge,was found not guilty,and successfully sued the police dept. for $7,500

  10. When Casey Anthony's computer was investigated by "computer experts", they found 17 vague searches on Internet Explorer suggesting she killed someone, which wasn't enough to be found guilty. Later they discovered Casey used Firefox, overlooking 1,200 searches including "fool-proof suffocation"

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George Harrison purchased the rights to a song after being found guilty of plagiarism. This meant he had to pay zero damages.

In 2004 a police officer pulled over a woman in California and masterbated on her. Despite DNA evidence he was found not guilty after his attorney was able to successfully argue the woman was asking for it because she worked as stripper. - source

If you pay the full cash bail to the court, that money is required to be returned to you after all court appearances have been fulfilled and you were found not guilty. If you paid a bail bondsman, that money is not returned because it is deemed their fee for service. - source

The Spanish Inquisiton "only" found guilty 4% of all trialed and killed "only" 1800 people over 350 years of existence. It was considered the most humane court in Europe as opposed to todays perception of the Inquisiton

The man who shot President Ronald Reagan in 1981 was found not guilty by reason of insanity,and lives freely today at his mother's house - source

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In 1987 Al Sharpton accused a police officer and prosecutor of abducting and raping a 15yo named Tawana Brawley. The girl was lying so she wouldn't get in trouble for staying out late, both her and Sharpton were later found guilty of slander. Sharpton has never apologized for the incident.

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In WW2 a German spy landed in Canada, but soon abandoned his task to live there using the funds for his mission. He eventually surrendered to authorities and was found not guilty of espionage.

A white, homeless man in Fullerton California was beaten to death by police for apparently no reason. The police were found Not Guilty on all charges.

2 knights flirting with 2 French princesses were found guilty of lèse majesté. They were castrated and then either drawn, flayed alive, covered by lead in fusion, broken on a wheel, beheaded and hanged. Both princesses had their heads shaven and jailed for life.

A Canada couple engaged in a neighbor feud dumped massive piles of fresh cow manure along their property line. A judge found them guilty of using the poop as a tool of harassment and fined them $15,000.

That, in 1922, Governor of Indiana Warren McCray was offered $10,000 to allow the Ku Klux Klan to become chartered, but refused, the Klan later claimed he was involved in mail fraud, causing McCray to be found guilty and serve three years in prison, when he was paroled and later given a pardon

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A Rastafarian found guilty of growing 15 marijuana plants for personal use was aqcuitted by a jury because they believed punishing him for the offense would be unjust.

Gary Condit was not only cleared of having any involvement in the murder of Chandra Levy, but the real murderer has been caught and was found guilty back in 2010.

The Cadaver Synod was the posthumous trial of Pope Formosus. His corpse was dug up and found guilty, and his papacy voided. His corpse was then thrown in the River Tiber, but became a source of miracles. His trial was then overturned and he was reburied, but a later pope upheld the conviction.

In 2015 93 year-old Oskar Groning was found guilty of 300,000 counts of accessory to murder for his involvement in Auschwitz and sentenced to 4 years of prison.

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Serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells killed a boy whose own mother was found guilty of the murder. Authorities refused to believe it was the work of a serial killer until 2 years later at a retrial. The prosecutor, not wanting to be in the wrong, still claims that the mother did it.

While working as maids Léa Papin and her sister Christine were found guilty of murdering their employer's wife and daughter. Léa was given a reduced sentence of eight years due to good behaviour, and upon release moved to Nantes where she continued her livelihood as a hotel maid.

A fighter pilot got his sexual assault conviction thrown out after a General disregarded the findings of a jury that found him guilty. The decision cannot be appealed.

James Gordon Wolcott who, at age 15, sniffed airplane glue, then shot and killed his parents and sister. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Today he is a psychology professor at Millikin University.

Eugene Debs was a socialist from Indiana who ran for President five times during the early 1900s. He was found guilty of sedition and sentenced to ten years in prison for speaking out against the Wilson administration and the World War I draft.

In 1988, a comatose 8 month old was disconnected from life support when his father held medical staff at gunpoint in order to switch it off, and wept as he cradled his dying baby in his arms. The father was found not guilty of homicide.

After four weeks of testimony and over 70 witnesses, a jury in Memphis Tennessee found the United States Government guilty of conspiracy to assassinate Martin Luther King Jr. The King family, who filed the civil suit, was awarded $100.

When Socrates was found guilty of impiety and corruption of the youth, his punishment was put to a vote. He had the choice to suggest an alternative to death, but instead nominated that Athens provide him free meals for the rest of his life.

In 399 BC, Socrates went on trial and was subsequently found guilty of both corrupting the minds of the youth of Athens and of impiety ("not believing in the gods of the state"),and as a punishment sentenced to death, caused by the drinking of a mixture containing poison hemlock.

In 2002, Irish police raided a judge's home and found child pornography on his computer, but the judge was found 'Not Guilty' of possession as the warrant used was one day out of date.

In January scientists reported a simple way to turn almost any kind of cell into stem cells. These findings were invalidated in peer review. The lead researcher, Haruko Obokata, was found guilty of misconduct, the papers were retracted, and her supervisor and co-author hanged himself.

Pope Formosus’ body was exhumed and put on trial, where a deacon was appointed to answer for Formosus. The corpse was found guilty, stripped of its sacred vestments, deprived of three fingers, clad in the garb of a layman, and quickly buried; it was then re-exhumed and thrown in the Tiber.

Catholic monks in Germany 700 years ago were surviving Lent by drinking only bock. They felt guilty that it tasted so good, brought some to the Pope. On the long, hot journey to Rome it spoiled, so the Pope found it tasted horrible and deemed it “excellent Lenten penance.”

A man was put on trial for throwing away memorial crosses found along the highway. The judge ruled the memorials are considered litter and found him not guilty.

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