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Joseph Smith, Mormon prophet, was arrested at least 42 times, for crimes ranging from bank fraud, conspiracy to murder, polygamy, and perjury, and was killed by a mob while awaiting trial on charges of treason against Illinois

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In 1998, a woman disappeared while awaiting trial after she had drunkenly killed a woman in a fatal car crash. In 2013, she was arrested in Manitoba, Canada after bragging in a bar about having gotten away with the crime.

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  1. In 1992 rapper Mac Dre was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and sentenced to 5 years in prison after he refused a police deal, which was informing law enforcement about his partners. While awaiting trial Mac Dre recorded a full album over the phone, taunting law enforcement officials.

  2. After Japanese War Criminal Hideki Tojo was arrested, he was given new dentures while he awaited a trial, the American dentist who made them secretly drilled "Remember Pearl Harbour" into them in morse code

  3. While imprisoned awaiting trial, Saddam Hussein was given Doritos and loved them so much he could finish a family size bag in ten minutes. He also hated Froot Loops

  4. Fabian von Schlabrendorff, a member of the German resistance against Hitler who survived the war, because while awaiting his trial, the courtroom took a direct hit from a bomb during an air raid killing the Judge, who had condemned all his of his co-conspirators to death.

  5. New York imprisons more people per capita than Rwanda, where tens of thousands are awaiting trial for their role in the 1994 genocide there

  6. Dr. Jay Neitz cured color blindness in Red-Green Color Blind (dichromatic) Squirrel Monkeys using gene therapy. The monkeys were given a shot which enabled them to distinguish red or green. After successful trials with the monkeys Dr. Neitz awaits NIH/ORDA/FDA approval for human trials.

  7. In 1735 the attorney general Richard Bradley charged John Peter Zenger with libel. He spent almost 10 months in jail awaiting trial.

  8. Viral YouTube star 'Kai the Hitchiker' has spent the past three years in jail awaiting trial for murder.

  9. The Vatican Secret Archives contain documents such as a handwritten transcript of the trial against Galileo, a letter from Mary Queen of Scots from when she was awaiting execution, and a letter from Michelangelo complaining about not being payed for his work in the Sistine Chapel.

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William wrote the book Queer while awaiting trial in Mexico but fled to the U.S. before it occurred, resulting in a suspended two-year sentence.

Federal Judge John Howland Wood, Jr. was assassinated by hitman Charles Harrelson (father of actor Woody Harrelson) in a contract killing placed by a Texas drug lord who was awaiting trial before the judge. It was the first assassination of a federal judge in the 20th century. - source

Canadian Rapper 'SNOW' Spent 1 year in prison in 1989 while awaiting trial for two counts of attempted murder. He was eventually acquitted and freed. The incident was the inspiration for his hit song "Informer". - source

Even while in prison awaiting trial John's wife Anna continued to publish his newspaper.

The only boxer in the past 30 years to win all his fights (27) by KO killed his wife, and then hanged himself while awaiting trial - source

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While OJ Simpson was in jail awaiting his trial he made $3M signing autographs for visitors and charging them.

RISUG, a male birth control procedure similar to a vasectomy but much more reversible. "Reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance" RISUG cleared phase 3 trials back in 2003 and has been awaiting funding ever since. They inject a synthetic polymer instead of cutting like with vasectomies.

The largest jail in the world is in Los Angeles. Men's Central Jail and adjacent Twin Towers Complex houses 18,000 convicts and men awaiting trial.

Kai the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker has been arrested and is awaiting trial for a murder in New Jersey

Erich Ohser, the cartoonist behind the German comic strip Vater und Sohn ("Father and Son"), committed suicide in prison awaiting trial for expressing his anti-Nazi views.

As of 2013 the Bronx District accounts for more than Half of New York City's Court backlog, with 3,800 Felony cases awaiting trial, nearly 400 of those older than 2 years.

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While in prison awaiting trial for war crimes, Hideki Tojo was fitted with new dentures. The work was done by an American dentist who drilled the phrase "Remember Pearl Harbor" into the teeth in morse code.

While Panamanian druglord/dictator Manuel Noriega was awaiting trial in the US, one charge was dropped when what was widely reported to be 50 kilos of cocaine turned out to be tamales.

You Can Spend Over 8 Years in Jail "Awaiting" Trial in Alabama

A man spent nearly 8 years in jail awaiting trial for a drug charge from 2010. His case was finally dismissed, but he was sent to prison for changing his address without permission, a parole violation. The prison then failed to transport him to a parole hearing. He remains imprisoned until 2022.

Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker" is awaiting trial for the murder of a lawyer in New Jersey.

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