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A dead pope once got put on trial in the year 897. They dug up Pope Formosus, propped his corpse up on a throne and they actually asked the fucker questions and a Deacon answered on behalf of him. And they found him guilty of perjury.

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Pope Formosus' corpse was dug up from its grave and tried in 897 by his 2nd successor Pope Stephen IV for "perjury and having acceded to the papacy illegally." His corpse, propped up on a throne and appointed a deacon as his "advocate," was found guilty, rendering his papacy null and void.

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  1. Pope Formosus was tried Posthumously for Perjury and Violating Canon law.His nine-month-old corpse exhumed, propped up on a throne, and subjected to a mock trial.He was Found guilty, his election as pope was declared invalid, his acts were quashed, and his fingers of consecration were cut off.

  2. Pope Stephen VI had the body of a deceased former pope dug up, clothed, and propped up on a throne so he could put the body on trial for perjury and other crimes.

  3. The Cadaver Synod was the posthumous trial in 897AD of Catholic pope Formosus. He was dug up, propped up on a throne, and a deacon was appointed to speak for him. His corpse was then found guilty, reburied, only to be dug up again, tied down with weights, and thrown in the Tiber river.

  4. The Cadaver Synod - a case in which Pope Stephen VII had the corpse of his predecessor dug up and propped on a throne to stand trial for perjury and illegal papacy. The corpse was found guilty and had three fingers - the ones used for blessing - removed.

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