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In California all DUI convicts are made to sign “The Watson Admonishment”, which forces them to acknowledge the danger of DUI. If you are the cause of fatal DUI after signing this you are charged with murder rather than manslaughter.

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Michel Vaujour a French convict jailed in 1986 for attempted murder and armed robbery "forced his way onto the prison's roof by wielding nectarines that were painted to look like grenades." His wife then picked him up in a helicopter and whisked him away.

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  1. A convicted murderer was once granted a retrial after it was discovered that four members of the jury used a Ouija board to contact the victim before rendering their verdict.

  2. A 17-year-old girl who hired two teens to murder her parents appealed her convictions on the grounds of being a minor interviewed by police without parental consent

  3. A convicted killer had his death sentence thrown out when it couldn’t be proven that he had assaulted a girl he had murdered. Believing he was now immune, he sent a taunting letter to the prosecutor, admitting the assault. It was used to successfully re-convict him to death.

  4. Prosecutors tried to put wrongfully convicted Juan Rivera back in prison for murder by introducing new evidence of blood on shoes; defense proved the shoes were not available for sale until after the alleged murder, resulting in an evidence tampering investigation

  5. David “Carbine” Williams, who helped invent the M1 Carbine, was a convicted murderer and created innovative gun ideas while in jail. He was convicted of the shooting of a sheriff who busted his illegal moonshine still. He was released after his family argued his inventions could help America.

  6. That, in 1965, a radio personality in Vancouver committed to living on the top of the massive Bowmac car dealership sign until all the cars were sold. He had been poisoning his wife with arsenic for months, and the nine day gap in the poisoning would later get him convicted of her murder.

  7. The FBI learned two of its informants were planning to murder a rival gangster. The FBI didn't intervene, and the man was murdered. The FBI then stayed silent when four innocent men were convicted of the crime. By the time the truth was revealed, two of the four men had died in prison.

  8. Convicted murderer Philip Workman declined a last meal, instead requesting that a large vegetarian pizza be given to a homeless person in Nashville. His request was refused, but in response, people all over the state donated pizzas to homeless shelters.

  9. In 2010 rapper G. Dep turned himself into police and confessed to a 17 year old cold case murder, even though he was never suspected. He was "just trying to get things right between himself and God." He was convicted on a second-degree murder charge and sentenced to 15-years to life in prison.

  10. A convicted murderer was once granted a retrial after it was discovered that four members of the jury used a Ouija board to contact the victim before rendering their verdict.

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In 1975, a 15-year-old girl was beaten to death, with the primary suspects in the murder being Kennedy-Cousins Thomas and Michael Skakel. Although Michael Skakel was overheard in 1978 stating, "I'm going to get away with murder. I'm a Kennedy", it was not until 2002 that he was convicted.

Dog the Bounty Hunter was convicted of first-degree murder in 1976, and today is barred from entering the UK - source

Thomas Silverstein, a convict who's been held in solitary confinement at a Supermax prison since 1983. Considered one of the most dangerous inmates in the U.S., he's committed multiple murders in jail. He's held in a specially designed cell called Range 13 and has no human contact - source

A guy upset with his then girlfriend for not properly mourning his father's death hatched a plan to marry and conceive a child and then kill it later after the wife had bonded with it. He was convicted for murdering the 7 month old.

In 1987, a man convicted of raping and murdering both a 10-year-boy, and an 8-year-old girl, was released from prison after only 12 years served for "good behavior". He went on to commit 12 more murders. - source

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Colonel Sanders was in a shootout with a local rival who killed a bystander. With his competitor convicted of murder, Sanders' first restaurant lost its competition.

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A father confessed to murdering his 3 year old daughter under a coercive police interrogation. His neighbor was later convicted from DNA evidence.

In 1970 Jimmy Carter let a prisoner convicted of murder obtain a work release to serve as a maid at the governor’s mansion. He was so impressed, when he was elected president in 1976 he volunteered to be her parole officer & let her continue working at the White House. She was later exonerated.

Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson and his partner Fran Walsh spent millions of dollars over seven years quietly bankrolling efforts to free the West Memphis 3, three Arkansas men who supporters say were wrongly convicted of the murders of three children.

The point of giving back to back life sentences is so that if evidence is overturned in a murder for one sentence; the convicted must still serve for the other(s)

Will Purvis, who was convicted of murder in 1894 and had always maintained his innocence, told the jury he would "live longer than the lot of them". He survived a hanging, was re-incarcerated, and eventually pardoned and released. He died in 1938, three days after the last juror had died.

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Jack Kevorkian spoke English, German, and Japanese. He created a series of oil paintings, released a jazz album of his own compositions, ran for congress, was a Pathologist, a convicted murderer, a published author, and a college lecturer.

A Belgian convicted rapist and murderer has requested to be euthanized, which has been granted

A furniture store owner was honored for giving an undercover cop a job working alongside a murder suspect for 5 months. The officer befriended the suspect and got him to confess to killing his wife. The killer was tried and convicted.

Four teenage girls lied to have an innocent man convicted of murdering a child. They never apologised, claiming they did it "for a laugh".

Arnold Schwarzenegger reduced the sentence of a convicted murderer because he was the son of a friend.

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The guy who throws his shoes in Austin Powers (Random Task) is a convicted rapist and murderer who also got punched in the balls a lot in an MMA fight.

A serial killer, the Doodler, who targeted gay men in 1970's San Francisco. He would sketch his victims nude before murdering them. Though 3 victims survived, and a suspect was identified, none were willing to "out" themselves in open court in order to convict the suspect.

The actor who killed Ricky in Boys in the Hood ended up being convicted of a double murder in real life and getting murdered himself in prison by his satanic cellmate.

A Japanese magazine illegally released the names of juveniles tried and convicted for the rape, torture, and murder of a 16 year old girl, saying that "human rights aren't needed for brutes."

The two teenage sisters convicted in cold-blooded murder of their mother in 2004 were released in 2009. One is in law school and the other is studying engineering. Their classmates have no idea who they are.

Carlos DeLuna, who was wrongly convicted of murder and executed for killing a gas station attendant. The police made no effort to investigate another man named Carlos who looked nearly identical to DeLuna. Evidence of his innocence would have taken less than a day of investigation to uncover

A convicted murderer swore an affidavit that an innocent man was behind bars for a crime the murderer committed, and that affidavit sat in a safe for 26 years due to the sanctity of attorney-client privilege

A man was wrongfully executed after being convicted of murdering his 3 children. A prosecutor cited his tattoo of a serpent and his Led Zeppelin poster to prove he was a sociopath.

Timothy Evans, a Welshman tried, convicted, and hung for the murder of his daughter. Throughout the trial, he blamed his downstairs neighbour for the murder. Three years later, his downstairs neighbour confessed.

A man was wrongly convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison even though two lawyers received a confession from their client but couldn't say anything because of attorney-client privilege prevented them from implicating their client.

When reporter Jerry Mitchell went to a screening of a movie about the murder of civil rights workers in the 60s, he wondered why the suspects weren’t tried for murder. He investigated the case and discovered evidence which helped convict one of the participants for murder in 2005.

It took nearly 2 hours to execute convicted murderer Joseph Wood. An hour after being injected with midazolam & hydromorphone (15 times the lethal dose), the prisoner was still alive. Lawyers filed an emergency appeal to halt the execution. Ten minutes after he died, the appeal was denied.

Former judge Donald Thompson who was convicted of indecent exposure after he exposed himself several times during jury trials. His was witnessed using a penis pump "almost daily" during a murder trial and a "whooshing" sound could be heard on audio recordings of the proceedings.

In Louisiana and Oregon, a jury can convict a murder suspect with just a 10-2 vote. In Louisiana, this law came from Jim Crow. In Oregon, it's from anti-Semitism in the 30s.

In 1983 a preserved head was discovered at a bog in Lindow Moss. Believing the remains to be his former wife, Peter Reyn-Bardt confessed to murdering her in 1960. When testing later found the head was from 250AD, Reyn-Bardt tried to revoke his confession but was still convicted of her murder.

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