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A man falsely imprisoned for 10 years spent most of his time at the library to study law and prove his innocence, and then became a lawyer to help free other people who have been falsely convicted.

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Two men from Indiana were wrongfully convicted in a 1996 armed robbery because of a false statement from an informant who had sex with the lead detective who set them up. 20 years later, they were found innocent and one of them received $4.9 Million settlement.

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  1. A man was imprisoned for 25 years before a hotel receipt finally proved he could not have been at the scene of the crime he had been falsely convicted for.

  2. Brian Banks did 5 yrs in jail after a high school girl falsely accused him of rape. She also sued the school district & won $1.5m. Yrs later she admitted to him that she lied. He taped the conversation, his conviction was overturned & the school district sued her back for $2.6m

  3. The Birmingham 6, a group of men incorrectly convicted of bombing a UK pub. The men provided false confessions to police after being interrogated for up to 12 hours (without any breaks, food or sleep) and physical abuse including punches, police dogs and a mock execution.

  4. Japan's justice system largely depends on confessions for convictions. Combined with the expectations (high conviction rate) and that a prosecutor's career is often over with a non-guilty verdict, methods are often used to get false confessions out of the accused.

  5. In 1940 Soviet secret police executed 22,000 Poles. After the war, Germany was blamed for the massacre and several German servicemen were falsely convicted at Allied trials after forced confessions. The real details of the executions did not come to light until 1989.

  6. During the Civil War, Lincoln suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus. This allowed for the arrest of those who expressed sympathy for the Confederate cause. Furthermore, it also prevented military officials from being convicted of false arrest, false imprisonment or search and seizure violations.

  7. Shahid Azmi who was falsely imprisoned for 7 years. He spent most of his sentence at the library studying law and working to prove his innocence. He then became a lawyer to help free other people who have been falsely convicted.

  8. In some european countries, police cannot lie to suspects about evidence, because it too easily leads to false confessions and wrongful convictions

  9. One of the women who made false rape allegations against the Duke lacrosse team was later convicted of second degree murder in the death of her boyfriend.

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SBI agent and serologist Duane Deaver had falsely reported in about 200 criminal cases including seven death penalty convictions. In 1993 he withheld blood evidence at the trial of Greg Taylor who spent 17 years in prison before beeing declared innocent in 2010.

Anthony Porter, convicted murderer, was erroneously exonerated due to an unethical investigation carried out by journalism students; their investigation coerced a false confession that led to another man being convicted and later exonerated as well. - source

An escaped convict was caught by facial recognition software when he tried to get a new license under a false name - source

Sally Clark, a women falsely convicted of killing her children when in fact they died of natural causes.

25% people wrongfully convicted but later exonerated by DNA evidence made a false confession or incriminating statement - source

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There has been more than 2,000 false convictions in the last 23 years.

There have been 321 post-conviction DNA exonerations in the United States. False confessions and incriminating statements lead to wrongful convictions in approximately 27 percent of cases.

Sadamichi Hirasawa was a Japanese painter convicted of mass poisoning and sentenced to death, though believed to be falsely charged. Due to strong suspicions that of his innocence, no justice minister ever signed his death warrant. He died in jail after 32 years.

The first 289 DNA exonerations, 28 innocent defendants had pled guilty (10%). Research indicates juveniles under the age of 18 were three times as likely to falsely confess as adults. False confessions account for roughly 25% of overturned convictions based on DNA evidence.

Mickey Featherstone, a former Irish American Mobster from Hell's Kitchen who became an informant after being falsely convicted of murder, was circumcised by his friends during the Vietnam War in a drunken prank

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Stefan Kiszko. An innocent man who spent 16 years in jail after being wrongfully convicted of murder at the false testimony of 3 girls who lied for fun and to get a laugh out of it. His mother fought for justice but Stefan died within 20 months after his release due to years of trauma.

Rodney Reed. A likely innocent man who's been on death row in Texas for over 20 years for the murder of a police officer's fiance. New evidence suggests, in many ways, that the story told to get him convicted is false.

William Tricket Smith Sr, whose false testimony was used to prosecute Bud Dwyer, was previously imprisoned for bid rigging, disbarred, arrested for theft in 2010, later imprisoned for arson and then later imprisoned for planning an escape of his son who was convicted of murder.

The creator of Kwanzaa is an American-born professor that was convicted of felonious assault and false imprisonment of two women

The convicted thieves in a 1994 heist of Edvard Munch's 'The Scream' from the Norwegian National Gallery were acquitted of their crimes as the British agents involved in the sting operation had entered Norway using false identities

The "falsely shouting fire in a theater" notion of the Free Speech clause was used as a justification to convict socialist, Yiddish pacifists during WWI for a Yiddish-language pamphlet opposing conscription.

Jabbar collins, a man who was wrongfully convicted for the murder of an orthodox Rabbi, a case in which witnesses were coerced to give false testimonies by all involved.

37% of exonerations due to wrongful conviction come from the state of Illinois, which has a “false confession” rate more than 3 times the national average.

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