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Medieval scholar Al-Biruni,after accurately measuring earth's radius and judging by the size of Asia and Africa,predicted the existence of a landmass in the ocean between Asia And Europe,similar in size to the known continents and with similar geological features,likely inhabited by humans

how did the silk road affect europe and asia?

In '92, a ship from China lost 29,000 rubber ducks in the Pacific Ocean. After some washed ashore in Alaska, oceanographers started tracking their progress to learn about ocean currents. Ducks were found in Asia, Australia, the Americas, even Europe. Some were frozen in the Arctic for 15 years.

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what separates europe from asia?

  1. The Arab slave-trade trafficked 10-18 million people from Africa, Europe and Asia to the Middle east.

  2. Alexander the Great expressed in his last will and testament the desire to see "transplant of populations from Asia to Europe and in the opposite direction from Europe to Asia, in order to bring the largest continent to common unity and to friendship by means of intermarriage and family ties."

  3. Humans were once an endangered species. 1.2 million years ago, at a time when our ancestors were spreading through Africa, Europe and Asia, there were probably only around 18,500 individuals capable of breeding.

  4. Alexander the Great's will called for the "transplant of populations from Asia to Europe and in the opposite direction... to bring the largest continent to friendship by means of intermarriage and family ties"

  5. The longest cable in the world is the SEA-ME-WE-3, which runs from Western Europe, through the Middle East and finally to South East Asia and it provides communication to 33 countries. It's 39,000 km long.

  6. The German pharmaceutical company Bayer knowingly sold blood-clotting agents infected with HIV to Asia and Latin America months after withdrawing them from Europe and the US

  7. Women are the majority of human traffickers in almost a third of the 155 nations the U.N. surveyed. They accounted for more than 60% of the human trafficking convictions in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

  8. Bayer sold blood-clotting agents in the 80s infected with HIV to Asia and Latin America months after withdrawing them from Europe and the US for this very problem

  9. Ostriches used to roam Europe, Arabia and Asia until around 10,000 years ago. The last non-African ostrich subspecies to go extinct was the Arabian ostrich in the mid 20th century.

  10. Cheese predates any recorded history. No evidence exists to prove where it originated. It may have been the Middle East, Central Asia, or Europe.

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How much 5-star hotels cost in North America vs Europe vs Asia

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Europe->Asia? Carbon monoxide emission comparision - parsed data from NASA MERRA-2 files

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Rangaku, a Japanese term meaning "Dutch Learning". From 1641–1853 the Dutch were Japan's only contact outside of E. Asia. They were requested to give updates of the outside world, including the scientific and technological revolution occurring in Europe, the electrical phenomenon and the USA.

Cockroaches originated in North America, made their way to Asia and Europe, and then were brought back to North America by European colonists. Same with horses. - source

The South China Sea is the main link between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, connecting the Middle East, Europe, and East Asia with shipping lines.

Ruff overwinters in southern parts of Europe, Africa, South Asia and Australia.

The largest sinkholes are found all over the world, including those found in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania.

When and how did the cold war spread from europe to asia?

From the 1300s to the 1800s, Europe was infatuated with the idea of a plant in Central Asia which grew a lamb that ate all the vegetation around the plant.

When and how did the cold war spread from europe to asia?

Meadow foxtail is widely cultivated as pasture or hay crop in the Europe, Asia and northern parts of North America.

There are more than 10,000 medieval castles still in existence today in Europe and in Asia.

South America is the Continent with the 97% of uncontacted tribes in the world. While Europe, Africa, Asia, North and Central America all together have less than the 3%.

A "moose" in North America is called an "elk" in Europe and Asia. An "elk" in North America is called a "wapiti" in Europe and Asia.

Darius the Great of Persia once joined several boats together to create a bridge traversing over 1000m allowing his army to march from the tip of Asia into Europe.

About when do apes first appear in europe and asia?

Europe and Asia are considered separate continents because of culture, not geography.

It is estimated that infection with Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpes virus in southeast Asia, northern Europe, and the Caribbean is approximately 2 - 4%.

The chikungunya virus has been found in more than 60 different countries including in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and in Asia.

Danish East India Company established first trading outpost in India at Tranquebar in 1620 and during their heyday combined with Swedish East Asia Company exported more Tea to Europe than British did but lost importance and finally left India when they sold last outpost to British in 1868.

Before becoming famous in Scotland the bagpipes had been played for possibly thousands of years in Turkey, Asia, Africa, the Persian Gulf and some places in Europe.

How did the mongols affect europe and asia?

Hantaviruses have been found in Asia, North America, South America, Canada, Europe, and in Africa.

The Mongol military tactics and organization enabled the Mongol Empire to conquer nearly all of continental Asia, the Middle East and parts of eastern Europe. Each solider would cover up to 100 miles per day, which was unheard of by other armies of the time.

Human zoos were a thing back in the day in Europe where they would have natives from Africa and Asia as the "public exhibitions of humans"

Turkey is building a new canal named Kanal İstanbul, planned to finish in 2023, which will connect the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara. Kanal İstanbul would bisect the current European side of Istanbul and thus form an island between the continents of Asia and Europe.

Cuckoo travels to Africa each September to avoid cold periods and lack of food during the winter in temperate areas of Europe and Asia.

Hippos once lived outside of Africa across Asia and Europe, including the British Isles

The Eurasian Tree Sparrow, while common in Europe and Asia, can only be found in North America around the city of St Louis. All of them are descended from 12 birds released on April 25, 1870.

As "recently as 30,000 years ago modern humans existed at the same time as 3 other homonin species: the Neanderthals of Europe and West Asia, the Denisovans of Asia and the "hobbits" of Flores Island, Indonesia"

Entelodonts, aka "Hell Pigs" or "Terminator Pigs", an extinct family of giant pig-like omnivores that roamed parts of Europe, Asia, and North America in the Eocene period.

Weasels can be found in Britain, Western Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, North America, Asia, and New Zealand.

In France (and its former colonies) they teach that there are 6 continents (North and South America are combined). Russia, Eastern Europe, and Japan also teach 6, but they combine Europe and Asia (Eurasia). China, India, the Philippines, parts of W. Europe, English-speaking countries teach 7.

The 751 battle of Talas River, where the two most advanced civilisations the world had ever seen - the Tang Empire and the Caliphate - fought their only major battle, marking the limits of their diametric expansions. Paper making technology from Chinese POWs then spread through Asia to Europe

Although bottled water such as the famous Perrier brand has existed for many years in Europe, Americans consume more bottled water each year. IN fact North America and South America and Asia are the fastest growing consumers of bottled water.

The Nintendo Entertainment System released in North America, Japan and Korea has a faster CPU than the Nintendo Entertainment System released in Europe, Australasia, and South Asia.

Aurochs is an ancestor of domestic cattle. Zebu cattle in the South Asia are descendants of Indian subspecies of aurochs, while taurine cattle in Europe are descendants of Eurasian subspecies of aurochs.

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