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Irish Monks and Scholars were instrumental in contributing to the spread of Christianity in Britain and continental Europe. Irish missions had such a profound influence in Germany and the Frankish Empire that Ireland became known as the ''Isle of Saints and Scholars'' to continental Europeans

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There was a plan to drain part of the North Sea (using dams) to increase the liveable area of Europe, and connect the British Isles to continental Europe

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  1. Britain was separated from mainland Europe by a 33ft tsunami and not slowly by continental plates

  2. Canada recruited lumberjacks into its military. The Canadian Forestry Corps in WW1 and WW2 logged timber for buildings, railroads, and airfields in the UK and in continental Europe.

  3. In Europe the lyre was known by a variety of names (with variations), including the gue or cruit in Scotland; the rote or crowd in England; the crwth in Wales; the giga in Norway; the talharpa in Estonia; the jouhikko in Finland; the Lira in Poland; the chorus in Latin; and the rotte, crotte, or Anglo-Saxon lyre in Continental Europe.

  4. Celtic tribes who spoke languages related to Irish Gaelic or Welsh once lived throughout continental Europe. Though those areas now mainly speak Romance or Germanic languages today, many placenames of Celtic origin are still in use, such as "Vienna" or "Zurich".

  5. The land bridge between England and the rest of Continental Europe was rather large and called 'Doggerland'. It existed until about 6000 BC and was inhabited by many humans and Ice Age creatures.

  6. The Mongol military tactics and organization enabled the Mongol Empire to conquer nearly all of continental Asia, the Middle East and parts of eastern Europe. Each solider would cover up to 100 miles per day, which was unheard of by other armies of the time.

  7. Great Britain and continental Europe were once connected by a land bridge called Doggerland

  8. Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben. A Prussian Army Captain and aide-de-camp to Frederick the Great. And a homosexual. "An inconsiderate step and an implacable personal enemy" meant leaving Europe. He became a Major General in the Continental Army, and George Washington's chief of staff.

  9. There was a type of continuously-running elevator, called a "Paternoster" (located mostly in continental Europe), most of which were banned by the mid-1970's due to safety issues.

  10. The seabed under the Celtic Sea is part of Europe's continental shelf. This portion is called the Celtic Shelf.

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The original continental separation between Asia and Europe was invented by ancient Greek Mariners. The two masses of land were separated by a complex waterway flowing from the Aegean Sea to the Sea of Azov.

During the Pleistocene period the English Channel was dry land. Melting ice from the last glacial period resulted in severing the last land connection between continental Europe and Britain.

More money flows through London each day than all of North America and Continental Europe combined - source

During the Seven Years War (1756-1763), Prussian armies fought against three of the great powers of Europe in continental Europe (Russia, France and Austria) with the help of British financial aid and managed to come out victorious at the end.

The number 1 billion in most countries in continental Europe equates to 1 million millions instead of 1 thousand millions like it does in many English and Arabic speaking countries, Brazil, and the former Soviet Union countries. - source

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A "continental" breakfast is referred to that way to distinguish it from a "full English" breakfast. The British referred to most of Europe as "the continent" and named the breakfast after continental countries where a lighter breakfast was typical.

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Continental Europe uses a different system than the English-speaking world when counting into millions and beyond. Their Billion=our Trillion, and their Trillion=our Quintillion, etc.

Iceland geologically includes parts of both the European and North-American continental plate. The island is closer to continental Europe than to mainland North America; thus, the island is generally included in Europe for historical, political, cultural, and practical reasons

While Hippos now only live in Sub-Saharan Africa and along the Nile, the species once ranged across continental Europe and even the British Isles

EU institutions and some parts of Continental Europe use a slightly different variation of the English language called "Euro English"

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Today, 5 May, is the 180th anniversary of the opening of the Brussels-Mechelen train line, the first steam passenger line in Continental Europe.

Flying between Britain to Continental Europe with your vehicle was once a thing you could do...

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