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Charles Darwin's grandfather Erasmus posited early theories of evolution, wrote a book illustrated by poet William Blake, invented a steering mechanism later used in automobiles, opposed slavery and advocated formal education for girls.

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Erasmus Darwin, Charles Darwin's grandfather, developed the theory of natural selection before Charles was even born

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  1. Erasmus Darwin, Charles's grandfather, got too fat to fit at his table. Instead of trying to lose weight, he had a semicircle cut out of the table to fit around his stomach.

  2. Darwin's grandfather (Erasmus Darwin) wrote some really sexual poetry about plants.

  3. The first British casualty in WWI died resisting arrest and was Great-Grandson of Erasmus Darwin

  4. Charles Darwin's grandfather Erasmus sketched out a hydrogen-oxygen rocket engine in 1779, the earliest known example of such a device, and >100 years before it was previously thought to be invented

  5. Charles Darwin's Grandpa, Erasmus Darwin, wrote poems about evolution years before Charles was born. He was also a great inventor and very fat.

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