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Tuberculosis has killed some of the most influential people in history. Popular names include Pocahontas, George Orwell, Andrew Jackson, Franz Kafka, Jane Austin, John Smith, Frederic Chopin, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

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Heart burials, a funeral practice where the heart is removed and buried separately from the body. Notable heart burials include Robert the Bruce, Richard I, Otto von Habsburg, and the composer Frederic Chopin.

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  1. Composer Frederic Chopin's actual heart is pickled in a jar of alcohol in Warsaw

  2. Tuberculosis was known as “the romantic disease,” and was believed to assist artistic talent. Major figures such as John Keats, Percy B. Shelley, Frederic Chopin, and Amedeo Modigliani all had the disease. The effect may have been real and a result of the slight fever and toxaemia caused by TB.

  3. Emma Wedgewood, wife of Charles Darwin, took piano lessons from Frederic Chopin

  4. Famous composer Frederic Chopin's heart is buried in a pillar of the Holy Cross Church in Warsaw while the rest of his body is buried in a grave in Paris. His heart was recently exhumed this past April.

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