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Charles Darwin brought back a 5 year old Tortoise named Harriet from the Galápagos Islands that would be later owned by Steve Irwin. Harriet died in 2006 at the age of 176.

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Charles Darwin ate every animal he ever discovered. Seeking out “birds and beasts which were unknown to human palate.”

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  1. Charles Darwin married his first cousin with whom he had ten children. Three died as infants and three were infertile. He was the first to raise the question if incest may cause weaknesses in offspring after studying inbred plants in his garden.

  2. Charles Darwin wrote a list of pros and cons of marriage. Pros included "constant companion and a friend in old age... better than a dog anyhow". Cons included "less money for books". When he visited his future wife he forgot to propose because he was too busy telling her about evolution

  3. Charles Darwin & his wife were first cousins. They had 10 kids, 7 making it to adulthood. Worried that his marriage had something to do with the deaths, he began to experiment with plants. He learned that with any kind of breeding, it's better to cross-breed than to keep relatives together.

  4. John Stevens Henslow, a British priest, botanist and geologist, who, in 1831, was offered a place aboard a voyage to survey South America. After his wife dissuaded him from accepting, Henslow wrote to the captain, telling him to offer his place on the HMS Beagle to his protégé, Charles Darwin

  5. Charles Darwin was the first person to put wheels on an office chair, creating the modern office chair.

  6. Charles Darwin's pet tortoise died at 176 years old in 2006, whilst Darwin himself died in 1882.

  7. The Giant Tortoise did not receive a scientific name for over 300 years due to the failure of delivery of specimens to Europe for classification due to their great taste - all were eaten on the voyage back by sailors, even by Charles Darwin.

  8. Charles Darwin's pet tortoise Harriet died in 2006

  9. Charles Darwin & Joseph Hooker started the world's first terraforming project on Ascension Island in 1850. The project has turned an arid volcanic wasteland into a self sustaining and self reproducing ecosystem made completely of foreign plants from all over the world.

  10. Charles Darwin's cousin invented the dog whistle, meteorology, forensic fingerprinting, mathematical correlation, the concept of "eugenics" and "nature vs nurture", and the concept of inherited intelligence, with an estimated IQ of 200.

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A Scottish scientist discovered that finger prints were unique, & asked Charles Darwin to help him promote the idea. Charles Darwin shared this with his nephew, who then claimed the finding as his own.

Harriet the Tortoise died in an Australian zoo at the age of 176. She was born before the light bulb (not just Edison's) and the first power plant. Her death was announced on CNN. She was brought back from the Galapagos by a young scientist named Charles Darwin. - source

Charles Darwin's cousin Francis Galton invented the dog whistle, meteorology, forensic fingerprinting and mathematical correlation. He also suggested that principles of animal breeding could be applied to humans, coined the word 'eugenics', and came up with the 'nature vs nurture' idea. - source

Charles Darwin wrote a pros and cons of marriage ( including the positivity of “female chit-chat) before marrying his cousin

Charles Darwin suggested that the appendix may have been used for digesting leaves but, over the course of evolution, has degraded into nothing. This theory is supported by koala and horse appendixes which do just that. - source

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A Tortoise that died in Steve Irwin's zoo at the age of 175, was once owned by Charles Darwin

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Charles Darwin collected a Galápagos tortoise during his 1835 visit to the Galápagos Islands as part of his round-the-world survey expedition. It lived 175 years and died of heart failure at the Australia Zoo in 2006.

Charles Darwin ate every animal he ever discovered

Charles Darwin's Children Scribbled all over the Original Manuscript for 'The Origin of Species', Including a Picture of a Soldier Riding a Carrot

About Alfred Russel Wallace, a British naturalist who thought up the theory of evolution by natural selection. After recording his expedition findings in the mid 1800’s, Wallace sent his work to his confidant Charles Darwin for a second opinion. Their first paper was a joint effort.

Charles Darwin ate many exotic animals he discovered including the Galapagos turtle

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Charles Darwin published his work, "On the Origin of Species" this day, 155 years ago.

Charles Darwin waited 20 years to publish his theory on evolution because he was concerned about the public and ecclesiastical acceptance of his deeply radical idea.

The remote Ascension Island in the Atlantic was known as a barren, desert island when it was discovered in the 1700s, but today boasts one of the world's largest artificial forests, planned by Charles Darwin and botanist Joseph Hooker in order to make the island livable.

Charles Darwin suffered from agoraphobia (panic disorder). He suffered constant nausea, trembling, and crying; rendering him virtually bedridden from the age of 30 until his death. His disorder was so severe he even avoided conversations with his own children.

Charles Darwin was one of the first people to come up with the idea of putting wheels on his office chair, so that he could work faster

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Charles Darwin wasn't the first choice to go on the voyage in which he theorized the Theory of Evolution. He got the spot because other candidates turned down the captain's invitation. Meanwhile, the captain just wanted a travel buddy because commanding a ship was very stressful and lonely.

Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on the same day in the same year

Charles Darwin married his first cousin Emma Wedgwood, before having 10 children, three of which died before the age of 11. This lead him to wonder whether close genetic matches had an impact on health, adding to his theory of evolution and the passing of traits to offspring.

When Robert FitzRoy, whom Charles Darwin travelled with around the world and later vehemently opposed to Darwin's views on evolution, killed himself due to depression and money troubles, Darwin donated a sizable sum to FitzRoy's widowed family to ensure they would not fall on hard times.

Charles Darwin married his first cousin, Emma. They had 10 children; 3 died at a young age. Whenever they fell ill, Charles feared that they might have inherited weaknesses from inbreeding.

The Ichneumonidae, a species of wasp that laid it's young in a live host, made Charles Darwin lose faith in a "benevolent God"

There was a tortoise that hung out with Charles Darwin and later, Steve Irwin.

Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born on the same day of the same year.

Charles Darwin was one of the first scientists to demonstrate the effects of inbreeding depression, with his own children. Darwin's wife was his first cousin.

Charles Darwin sat on his theories about evolution for nearly 20 years, until Alfred Wallace discussed his own theories of evolution with mutual friends who pressed Darwin to publish so as to establish his priority in the concept

When Charles Darwin was a teenager, his father told him "You care for nothing but shooting, dogs, and rat-catching, and you will be a disgrace to yourself and all your family."

About Emperor Pedro II of Brazil who was an avid supporter of science education and a respected intellectual in his own right. Charles Darwin himself said that “The Emperor does so much for science, that every scientific man is bound to show him the utmost respect.”

Charles Darwin's grandfather Erasmus posited early theories of evolution, wrote a book illustrated by poet William Blake, invented a steering mechanism later used in automobiles, opposed slavery and advocated formal education for girls.

Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born on the same day.

Charles Darwin was never much of a mathematician and wrote that studying math was repugnant to him. However, it later turned out that his research with plants hybrids made him a pioneer in a subfield of statistics

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