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Frederik Philips, (co-founder of the famous Philips Electronics) and Karl Marx were cousins.

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Gerard Philips, founder of Philips Electronics, is the great-nephew of Henrietta Pressburg - mother of Karl Marx.

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  1. Jan Sloot, a Dutch electronics technician, who claimed to have developed a revolutionary data compression technique, the Sloot Digital Coding System, that could possibly compress a 10GB movie to just 8KB, however the day the contract was to be signed with Philips, he died of a heart attack.

  2. Karl Marx is related to the founders of Philips Electronics. Marx's mother had a sister named Sophie Pressburg, whose grandsons Anton and Gerard founded the Dutch multinational conglomerate.

  3. "room 306" of the Philips laboratory in Eindhoven was experimenting with electronic music in 1958. was

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