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In 1962, the US detonated an atomic bomb (93 times Hiroshima) in space, 400 km high, 1,300 kilometers from Hawaii. The electromagnetic pulse generated from the explosion damaged electronics, fused 300 street lights, set off 100 burglar alarms, and cut off the sturdy telephone system in Hawaii.

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Starfish Prime (1962) was the largest nuclear test conducted in outer space. The electromagnetic pulse knocked out streetlights and alarms in Waikiki. The explosion was visible around Hawaii.

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  1. Electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) can actually fry the U.S. electric grid(s) and send us back to the Stone Age without the aid of nuclear weapons AND we're overdue for a naturally occurring EMP.

  2. The avionics of the MiG-25 were based on vacuum tubes, which were antiquated but can resist electromagnetic pulse during a nuclear blast.

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