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Brazilian scrap thieves unknowingly stole highly radioactive caesium-137 from a shuttered hospital. The glowing powder was handled, shown to neighbors as a curiosity and even dabbed on faces like makeup. This event resulted in 4 deaths, including a toddler who ingested the powder.

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Radium Girls" painted clock dials with self luminous paint, and would then apply the same paint to their teeth, nails and skin to give a glowing appearance. Their remains are still highly radioactive and glow to this day due to the 1600 year half life of Radium.

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  1. The USA was feeding radioactive material to mentally disabled children, exposing U.S. soldiers and prisoners to high levels of radiation, irradiating the testicles of prisoners and exhuming bodies from graveyards to test them for radiation to understand the effects of radiation on the human body

  2. In 1987 two Brazilian men looking for scrap, unknowinlgy stole a teletherapy unit, along with the highly radioactive Caesium 137 in it, took it home and tried to dismantle it, directly killing 4 and contaminating 250 people in their wake.

  3. Marie Curies research papers are still highly radioactive and to access them you must sign a waiver and wear protective clothing.

  4. About Radithor, radioactive water sold as medicine. It was owned and produced by a college dropout, who marketed it as "A Cure for the Living Dead" and "Perpetual Sunshine". It notably killed a man in 1932, who was buried in a lead coffin, and was still highly radioactive when exhumed in 1965.

  5. Brazil Nuts grow on trees with deep roots, which reach down to soil high in natural radium. This makes Brazil Nuts more radioactive than most other items in your home.

  6. The melt down of Chernobyl core 4 resulted in a new mineral now called "Chernobylite". A highly radioactive material that no creature can survive contact with.

  7. Atomic gardening means briefly exposing plants to a highly radioactive source, generating widespread DNA mutations and possibly producing a useful mutant variety.

  8. In 1987, scavengers raided an abandoned hospital in Brazil and stole a highly radioactive sample of cesium-137 from a radiotherapy machine. It was sold between several scrapyards and resulted in 249 people being exposed to significant radiation levels and the death of 1 child.

  9. Bananas contain radioactive isotope of potassium (called potassium-40). Luckily, amount of potassium is not high enough to induce damage in human organism.

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More that 2000 crop varieties including Ruby Red grapefruits, and a rice called Calrose 76, which accounts for half of the rice grown in California, are the result of 'Atomic Gardening' in which crops are exposed to highly radioactive Cobalt 60 in order to induce beneficial mutations.

Tobacco smoke contains a radioactive chemical element called polonium-210. Polonium is a highly radioactive chemical with no stable isotopes. - source

There is a city in Iran which is naturally highly radioactive due to being built on top of a radium deposit which is carried to the surface by local hot springs. It has a population of over 30,000 people, and one specific area receives 80x the usual background radiation. - source

All of darmstadtium's radioactive isotopes are highly unstable, with the most stable having a half-life of only eleven seconds.

The US Capitol Building is 65 times more radioactive than US EPA safety standards, high enough to fail federal safety codes regulating nuclear power plants. - source

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The Hanford nuclear waste site - the largest in the US - produced 53 million US gallons of high-level radioactive waste, 25 million cubic feet of solid radioactive waste, and 200 square miles of contaminated groundwater beneath the site

The highly radioactive metal Copernicium could be a gas at STP

There are layers of highly radioactive silt in Ukraine that could be released into the atmosphere if local dams fail

A "dirty bomb" (a conventional bomb that disperses radioactive material) is less deadly than people think. Tests done by the US DOE found that if no cleanup was done to a blast site, and people were to live in it for a year, the radioactivity would be "fairly high" but not lethal.

Lake Karachay in Russia is so radioactive that when scientists measured the activity in the lake in 1990 they found that the radiation would give you a lethal dose in an hour. The sediment bed is almost entirely high level radioactive waste.

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Because of their levels of radioactive contamination, Marie Curie's papers from the 1890s are considered too dangerous to handle. Even her cookbook is highly radioactive. Her papers are kept in lead-lined boxes, and those who wish to consult them must wear protective clothing

Highly Radioactive objects doesn't have to glow.

The Soviets used atomic weapons to create highly radioactive lakes

Smoking cigarettes leads to the deposition of polonium 210 in lungs, a highly radioactive metal, lethal doses of which can be as small as a millionth of a gram

They used radioactive Cesium-137 to check the quality of joints on high voltage power lines.

Reindeer in Norway are still highly radioactive 30 years after the Chernobyl disaster (yes, Norway)..

Bananas are a source of radioactive isotopes. Research shows a few bananas can trigger the highly sensitive radioactive sensors at US ports - used to detect smuggled nuclear material.

In 1978 a Russian Reconnaissance satellite containing 50Kg of Highly-Radioactive U-235 re-entered up over Canada, releasing debris over 124,000 Square Kilometers (48,000sq miles). One fragment that was recovered had a radiation level of 500 R/h, enough to kill a man in a few hours.

3 engineers (Alexei Ananenko, Valeri Bezpalov, aand Boris Baranov) wore diving suits and jumped into highly radioactive water during the Chernobyl disaster in order to drain the water, which saved the plant from sustaining a third explosion. All three of them later died.

Three Nuclear Engineers prevented an even worse accident in Chernobyl by diving into the highly radioactive ooze to open a valve. They all died a few hours later from radiation.

Marie Curie's tomb in the Panthéon contains inch-thick lead coffins that prevent the radiation from harming those who come to honor her and her husband due to the high radioactive level of their bodies

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