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The first nuclear missile test in space "starfish prime" knocked out several allied satellites and disabled communications on Hawaii.

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Starfish Prime was the largest man made nuclear explosion in outer space.

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  1. The British-American Ariel-1 satellite went offline just 4 days after the US experiment 'Starfish Prime' took place, where a 1.4 megaton nuclear warhead was detonated 250 miles above the Pacific. British government documents detailing the fate of the satellite remained locked away for 50 years

  2. Starfish Prime, which was conducted by the US, performed the largest high altitude explosion of a thermonuclear device ever. It caused a massive EMP that damaged street lights and communications in Hawaii (100s of miles away) and created a radiation belt around the Earth for months.

  3. The first British satellite, Ariel-1, was inadvertently destroyed by Starfish Prime high-altitude nuclear test. Along with 1/3rd of all satellites in orbit.

  4. The first British satellite Ariel 1 was destroyed by a high-altitude nuclear test conducted by the United States known as Starfish Prime.

  5. The USA exploded 5 nuclear weapons in space, the largest of which was Starfish Prime, a 1.6 megaton bomb which was detonated 900 miles SW of Hawaii and created radiation belts that crippled one third of all Low Earth Orbit satellites.

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