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Pineapples were so rare a sight in the 1700's they were a symbol of wealth. The few that were cultivated in hothouses were worth about five thousand pounds ($8000) each. They weren't eaten, but were rented out by the aristocracy as a table centerpiece at dinner parties.

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President Lincoln loved cats and once had them eat at the White House dining table during a formal dinner.

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  1. Pro-butter Senator Gordon Roselip. In a 1955 Wisconsin senatorial blind taste test Roselip preferred margarine, insisting it was butter. It later transpired that Roselip’s wife, worried about his heart, had for years been substituting yellow margarine for butter at the Senator’s dinner table.

  2. In 1669, King Louis XIV banned the use of pointed dinner knives to discourage violent stabbing and tooth-picking at the dinner table, which eventually lead to the popularity of the modern butter knife.

  3. Helsinki, Finland has an annual celebration called Dinner Under the Sky, where all Helsinkians can set up a table outside and enjoy their dinner on the city’s sidewalks, parks, or even in the middle of the busiest shopping streets.

  4. Tycho Brahe, a Danish astronomer, refused to leave the dinner table to pee during a banquet, as this was considered impolite. This caused him to rupture his bladder and die as a result.

  5. In 1789, Thomas Jefferson returned from a stint in France with a handwritten recipe for "Nouilly a maccaroni." He is credited with bringing macaroni and cheese to the American dinner table and often served it at the White House.

  6. Hitler would use vivid and gruesome descriptions of animal suffering and slaughter at the dinner table to try to dissuade his colleagues from eating meat

  7. The triangle has been used repeatedly in depictions of the 1800s for calling people to the dinner table.

  8. During the Great Depression canned crow meat was offered for the first time and attempted to make its way on the American dinner table.

  9. Before burning down the White House, British troops sat down to eat dinner and drink wine at a pre-made table in the White House's dining parlor

  10. In Pitcairn Islands, a birthday celebration will involve the entire population of the island in a public dinner in the town square. Tables are covered in a variety of foods, including fish, meat, chicken, an assortment of pies, breads, an array of desserts, pineapple and watermelon.

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In 1872, 2 sailors were leaving port and went out to sea. After a few days, one sailor found the other sailors ship. The Mary Celeste, completely empty, with food still on the dinner table when the crew found the ship drifting. Nobody knows what happened to the crew to this day

On June 15, 1976 it was raining so hard in Houston that the Astros stadium, the first baseball stadium to have a roof, cancelled a game because hardly any staff or fans could make it. Concession workers set up tables on the field and both teams ate dinner on the field together. - source

You can hand raise a hippo to be so chill that they'll gingerly walk through your house and take a seat at the dinner table

The Smurfs were named for a nonsense word the author created at the dinner table when he couldn't remember the word "salt". - source

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Minnesota resident Timothy Robert Steele bludgeoned his 84 year old grandmother to death with a hammer at the dinner table. After being told his rights, he told police that he was "annoyed" that she had blown her nose during dinner & "caused a hole in one of his jackets."

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The Roman emperor Claudius is said to have been so alarmed at the prospect of expiring while attempting to stifle one's natural impulses that he considered issuing an imperial decree making it permissible to fart at the dinner table.

During a 1948 visit to Canada by a delegation of Irish politicians, the Canadian governor-general placed loyalist symbols around the dinner table and insisted on toasting the "King of Ireland" George VI. The Irish were so offended that upon their return they abolished the Irish monarchy.

During the French Revolution, small, novelty guillotines were used by some families at their dinner tables as bread and vegetable slicers

The Queen of England carries a plastic suction cup hook in her handbag. She uses it to discretely hang her purse under the table at dinner parties and other functions.

Some Eastern Australian weddings/formal dinners food is served by 'Alternate drop' service. The hosts choose two (sometimes three) different dishes, say chicken & beef. 50% of the dishes will be chicken & 50% beef and they are served to guests alternately around the table.

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Ferdinand I of Naples stuffed his enemies bodies and sat them at a dinner table

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