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There’s an 1,800 year-old Roman version of present day Swiss Army Knife, complete with folding spoon, fork, spatula, pick, spike & knife

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Eating pizza with one's bare hands is mostly an American custom. Authentic pizza in Italy is eaten with knife and fork.

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  1. Orthopedic surgeon Angus Wallace and doctor Tom Wong performed a 10 minute inflight surgery to correct a woman's collapsed lung with a local anesthetic from the plane's medical kit, a metal clothes hanger, part of a water bottle and a knife and fork.

  2. Typhoid Mary came at a man with a carving knife and a fork and evaded five police officers and an investigator for hours. And due to her vigor upon being arrested, a police officer had to sit on her in the ambulance.

  3. A combined spoon, fork, and knife closely resembling the modern spork was invented by Samuel W. Francis and issued a U.S. Patent on February 3, 1874.

  4. Europeans eat using the Continental style. Hold your fork in your left hand and your knife in your right.Do not rest your elbows on the table, but keep both hands above the table at all times.Never tilt your chair back on two legs, never push food onto a fork with your finger.

  5. The Queen eats bananas with a knife and fork by cutting off the ends and slicing opening the peel to expose the insides

  6. American fork etiquette (switching hands) is an *older* style than the European fork in left, knife in right, always, style.

  7. The 'prongs' of a fork are called 'tines' and there are two positions that you place your knife and fork in to indicate your current status of your meal, resting and finished.

  8. The Splayd is an eating utensil combining the functions of spoon, knife and fork.

  9. English muffins (or crumpets) are meant to be split with a fork - not a knife - to preserve the texture.

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