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King Edward VII was too fat to fully button his suit jacket. In order to not offend the king, everyone else followed suit. A trend was born...

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Bottom buttons on suits are left unbuttoned because they needed to be unbuttoned while riding a horse. Meanwhile, King Edward VII was too fat for his waistcoat when he was Prince of Wales, so the Court and later everyone in the Empire unbuttoned the bottom of theirs in solidarity.

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  1. The wet-nurse chosen by Queen Victoria to nurse her son, the future king Edward VII, years later would use her husband’s razor blade to slit the throats of her six children.

  2. King Edward the VII had a "Coronation Dinner for the Poor of London" where 50,000 dinners were provided to the underprivileged

  3. On 18 January 1901 Marconi sent the first transatlantic radio message originating in the US and it was a greeting from President Theodore Roosevelt to King Edward VII of Great Britain.

  4. Edward Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance" was originally composed for the coronation of King Edward VII. It was played when Elgar received an honorary doctorate from Yale in 1905, other universities started playing it at their graduation ceremonies and pretty soon almost everyone started using it.

  5. King Edward VII liked the Confederate rebel song "I'm a Good Old Rebel" and wanted to hear "that fine American song with the cuss words in it" again

  6. On August 24, 1902 Edward VII was diagnosed with acute appendicitis two days before his coronation and at that time the risk of postoperative infection made appendectomy extremely dangerous.

  7. In the 1908 Summer Olympics, the American flag carrier refused to dip the flag to King Edward VII of England, reportedly saying "This flag dips to no earthly king."

  8. Caesar, King Edward VII's dog, was so devoted to him that after the King's death he was permitted to walk in the funeral procession, ahead of King George V and eight other Crowned Heads of Europe

  9. Sandringham House in England has a weighing machine since Edward VII was in the habit of requiring his guests to be weighed on their arrival, and again on their departure, to establish that his lavish hospitality had caused them to put on weight.

  10. "Alexandra limp". Queen Alexandra'S, the wife of King Edward VII, effect on fashion was so profound that society ladies copied her clothing style, the chokers she wore and even her limping. The limping was because of rheumatic fever. Women even wore mismatched heels to imitate Alexandra.

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I learned the reason why men should always leave the bottom button open on a suit jacket is out of respect for King Edward VII, who was too fat to button his waistcoat

All of the European royal families were connected by marriage at the time. His uncle was Edward VII the King of England and was the first cousin of Nicholas II the Tsar of Russia.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s great grandmother, Alice Keppel, was the 12 year long mistress of King Edward VII, Queen Elizabeth’s great grandfather. - source

King Edward VII got a tattoo of the Jerusalem Cross on his arm when he visited Jerusalem for the first time as a young Prince.

King Harald V of Norway is 72nd in line to become the King of England, his great-grandfather was King Edward VII of the United Kingdom - source

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Edward VII, the Prince Of Wales, had a sex chair commissioned so he could please two ladies at once comfortably.

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King Edward VII ("Dirty Bertie") had a bizarre sex chair constructed to aid his amorous adventures that has baffled curators as to how it actually worked.

King Edward VII sent the largest diamond ever mined from South Africa to England...via regular mail.

The United States' flag bearer, Ralph Rose, refused to dip the flag to King-Emperor Edward VII in the royal box, rose was later supported by his teammate who said "This flag dips to no earthly king."

Winston Churchill's mother was American. Considered one of the most beautiful women of her time, she was rumored to have had affairs with future King Edward VII and Herbert Von Bismarck, son of Otto Von Bismarck.

The Norwegian Royal Family is in the line of succession to the British throne, as they are descended from Edward the VII's daughter Maude.

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King Edward VII of England habitually smoked 20 cigarettes and 12 cigars a day.

The common graduation march Pomp and Circumstance has a different version with lyrics. This version, titled 'Land of Hope and glory', talks about the expansion of the British Empire and was used at King Edward VII's coronation.

Alice Keppel was the mistress for Edward VII, and her Great Granddaughter is Camilla, the Mistress of Edward's Great Grandson Prince Charles.

Prince Albert Edward (later King Edward VII) allegedly lost his virginity in Dublin's notorious red light district, 'Monto'.

The duchess of cornwall's maternal great grandmother was a mistress of King Edward VII

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King Edward VII of Britain had a chair specially made that allowed him to have his way with two women simultaneously.

In 1902, at the coronation of Edward VII, the tiara of a guest fell into a toilet

King Edward the VII had a sex chair created so that he could have sex without crushing the women he was sleeping with due to his weight

Edward VII purportedly pioneered the the trouser turnup, or cuffed pants, in the 1890s to be worn on poor-weather days. The cuffs raised the pant leg and avoided muddying the trouser bottoms during bad weather.

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