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Verizon made a deal in 1994 with the PA state gov. to provide the entire state with fiber internet by 2014, it received 2.1 billion in tax breaks, but never fulfilled it's part of the contract

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In 2010, a papyrus document featuring Cleopatra's handwriting went on display at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute. The document refers to a tax break for a friend of her husband Mark Antony. Cleopatra signed it with a Greek word meaning "make it happen".

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  1. Sweden offers tax breaks to people who choose to repair household appliances and bicycles instead of throwing them away.

  2. Beginning in 2011, the state of Louisiana gave $1.5 billion in tax breaks over a 10 year period to Cheniere Energy. In the two years following the 'incentives', Cheniere execs took home $300 million in compensation, including $142 million for the CEO in 2013 alone.

  3. In 2013 Washington state gave Boeing an $8.7b tax break to "maintain and grow its workforce within the state" - the largest tax break in history. Boeing then cut its workforce in the state by 15%

  4. The annual subsidies given to the firms in the Fortune 500 is slightly over $100 billion USD each year coming largely through tax breaks that cut their annual tax rates from 35% to 13% average annually.

  5. When people pay to dispose of their e-waste the e-waste is often shipped overseas rather than properly recycled. This is a highly profitable way for companies to make additional revenue and receive tax breaks from the government.

  6. The largest tax break in the US is the health insurance exclusion, which is estimated to cost $250 Billion in lost tax revenue every year.

  7. 7 of the 10 most profitable hospitals in the US are non-profits, but they make millions off of tax breaks and dominating local markets.

  8. The original Tomb Raider cost $94 million to make, but thanks to clever use of licensing and tax breaks, Paramount spent less than $7 million out of pocket

  9. Florida's Greenbelt Law, intended to preserve farmland. Simply put: you rent a cow, put it in your yard, and get a property tax break. Major developers are renting cows and putting them on their construction sites to take advantage. Estimates say the law costs Florida $950 million per year

  10. Tax breaks on the wealthy Do Not Create more jobs.

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Goldman Sachs new HQ in Manhattan cost $2.1b when built in 2010. The company qualified for $115 million in tax breaks and $1.65b in tax-exempt Liberty Loans for building in an area affected by 9/11. - source

The IRS grants something called a Depletion Allowance. Oil companies get a tax break for (depleting) pumping oil from a well that they will sell. - source

Tax breaks function as a type of government spending, and they are officially called "tax expenditures" within the federal government.

The incentive to drug test employee's is to get a tax break, not for safety reasons. - source

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Disneyland does NOT pay ANY taxes on ticket sales & hasn't since 1996. Now, they want to continue this tax break for another 30 years, in exchange to invest & build an expansion park

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In the US you can view your 2014 Taxpayer Receipt and it will break down your tax bill by category.

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