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In the 1800s, a cult leader gave 600 acres of land to God but the State of Pennsylvania took possession and sold it because the Almighty didn’t pay His taxes.

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If college students work while going to college their employers can count up to $5200 of their pay as tuition reimbursement and make that amount tax deductible for the student. Only a few percent of employers utilize this.

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  1. Los Angeles’s private golf courses effectively receive a public subsidy of $89.8 million in taxes” paying only $200,00 in property taxes without granting the public access to the land. LA ranks bottom of the list in terms of public parks against all major metropolitan cities in America.

  2. In 1846, Henry David Thoreau refused to pay his taxes because he objected the Mexican-American War and slavery. He spent the night in jail for his actions. This popularized the concept of Civil Disobedience, peacefully protesting a law, which later influenced Gandhi, MLK, and Leo Tolstoy.

  3. The town of Monowi in Nebraska is the smallest town in the USA with only one resident. Elsie Eiler (84), she is the mayor, clerk, librarian and bar owner. She pays taxes to herself, gives herself her own liquor licenses and votes for herself in municipal elections.

  4. Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller) was originally such a successful street performer that when he asked an accountant how to pay taxes on the money he earned, he was told that he'd be better off not paying any since he would most likely be accused of being a drug dealer.

  5. The "town" of Monowi, Nebraska has a population of 1. Elsie Eiler, in her capacity as Mayor, grants herself a liquor license and pays taxes to herself.

  6. The audience at Oprah's "You Get a Car" episode each had to pay $7,000 in taxes or forfeit the gift.

  7. When 16 year old John Paul Getty III was kidnapped in 1973, his billionaire grandfather refused to pay $17 million ransom. After the kidnappers mailed Getty's ear to a newspaper, his grandfather only agreed to pay $2.2 million because that was the maximum amount that was tax deductible.

  8. Pennsylvania still charges its citizens an 18% tax on alcohol to pay for damages of the 1936 Johnstown flood.

  9. A prison in Oregon had its windows sandblasted after residents complained that prisoners had better ocean views than the tax paying citizens.

  10. Tax payers in Minnesota were forced to pay over $500 million to build the Vikings' new stadium without even being able to vote on a referendum on whether or not they should even do so

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pay taxes fact data chart about Alaska residents don't pay state income tax or sales tax. In
Alaska residents don't pay state income tax or sales tax. Instead they get an annual check paid by the oil industry.

pay taxes fact data chart about Taxes I Pay As A One-Man-Band Business Owner In The Bottom T
Taxes I Pay As A One-Man-Band Business Owner In The Bottom Tax Bracket

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Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin renounced his U.S. citizenship to avoid paying $700 million in taxes.

Illegal income, such as bribes, are considered taxable income. Authorities can use this to prosecute people with "legal immunity" (diplomats, UN workers, etc) as they are not immune to paying taxes. - source

Billionaire Mark Cuban wrote: "The most patriotic thing you can do: bust your ass and get rich. Make a boatload of money. Pay your taxes. Lots of taxes. Hire people. Train people. Pay people. Spend money on rent, equipment, services. Pay more taxes."

The $1,000,000 grand prize on America's Got Talent is paid over 40 years to equal $25,000 per year (pre-tax). If taxed at 15% it would be equal to a job paying $10.21/hour. - source

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Every tourist to the Kingdom of Bhutan must pay a daily fee of USD$250. This tax is to discourage large tour groups of "low-quality high impact tourists" that may damage Bhutan's fragile and unspoiled environment.

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California has a free, online, state-run program that will do your taxes for you, and I didn't know about it because the people I pay to file my taxes have fought to keep it hidden.

Monowi, a town in Nebraska, has a population of one person; the Mayor pays taxes to herself and acts as bartender and librarian

General Motors pays its CEO more than it pays in US taxes

Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, a native of Brazil, renounced his US citizenship to avoid paying $700 million in taxes

There is a tax that called a TIF in Niagara Falls which is entirely voluntary to pay, tourists can ask to have it removed from their bills if they know about it. It pulls in roughly 15 Million a year from tourists with no regulation or tracking on where the money goes after being collected.

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Really goes to show that the people are the ones paying most in taxes

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As of 2009 the L.A. Country Club should have been paying $25 million per year in taxes but because of California Proposition 13, which keeps taxes at 1978 levels if a business does not change hands, the Club only paid $200,000

In 1696, William III introduced a tax which required those living in houses with more than 6 windows to pay a levy.To avoid this, house owners would brick up all windows except 6. As the bricked-up windows prevented rooms from receiving any sunlight, the tax was known as daylight robbery.

Benjamin Franklin was the originator of raising taxes to pay for lower income families to do public service for a wage. City sweepers were the original public service job of the 1700s.

License plates in DC say "Taxation without Representation" to highlight the fact that they pay federal income tax but do not have any seats in Congress

Nobody other than its owners really know who owns IKEA. Parts of it are owned by multiple shell corporations, and many of the stores themselves are technically owned by a non-profit charitable organization and thus do not pay taxes on their income.

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J. Paul Getty refused to pay for his grandson's ransom. When an ear arrived by mail and the kidnappers lowered the sum to $3m instead of $17m, he agreed to pay only $2.2 million - the maximum amount that would be tax deductible. He lent his son the remaining $800.000, at a 4% interest.

In 2005, Tennessee began requiring drug dealers to anonymously pay taxes on any illegal substances they sold.

[Will] "Smith’s wages were garnished 70 percent during the first three seasons [of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air] to pay his back taxes."

Americans still have a tax on their phone bill to pay for the 1898 Spanish-American war.

There's an organization of 200 plus millionaires that formed a political group that actively pushes for political equality regardless of wealth, higher wages for workers and tries to get the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes.

The U.S provides GPS service world wide for free, while U.S tax payers pay $2 million dollars a day to keep it operating.

George Soros used a loophole to defer paying taxes and instead reinvest his money. Following this rule, after 40 years a Hedge Fund manager could amass $15.9B as opposed to $2.4B (amount if taxes were paid when the money was earned).

Bob Jones University - a Protestant college in Greenville, SC that lost its tax-exempt status due to racial discrimination, and chose to pay millions in taxes rather than change its policies regarding interracial dating.

There is a village in Nebraska with only one resident. She acts as mayor, and even pays taxes to herself.

Only about 1% out of 1.25 billion people in India pay taxes

Rolex is owned by a private foundation, registered as a charity and does not pay corporate tax.

IKEA, as it is owned by the not-for-profit INGKA foundation, pays no tax on its profits. In 2009, that was 2.538 billion euros.

In 1698 Peter The Great introduced the “Beard Tax” after he visited Western Europe and liked their fashion sense. Anyone with a beard was forced to pay tax for it, and in turn given a beard token. If you were stopped by the police without the token they would immediately shave your face on sight

The U.S. Congress passed a tax on long distance phone calls to pay for the Spanish-American War (1898). The war ended 4 months later, but the tax remained in place for over 100 years. On August 1, 2006, the IRS announced it would no longer collect the tax.

A man in Charlotte, North Carolina spent $1,200 to convert his diesel car to run on vegetable oil. He was fined $1,000 by the state for not paying gasoline taxes, and told he would need to post a $2,500 bond before using the oil

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