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Ducks penises explode outward, have spikes on them, shapeshift, fall off after every mating season, and can grow back longer if there are more males around

how male ducks fertilize eggs?

The singer Drake's nickname among his fans in China is "gōng yā", literally "male duck", while Kanye West's nickname in China is "kǎn yé", which in Beijing dialect means "someone who brags a lot with no actions to follow it up"

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  1. Only female ducks make the quacking sound. Male ducks cannot quack due to anatomical differences.

  2. Mandarin duck is a medium sized bird. It can reach 8 to 10 inches in length and weigh between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds. Females are larger than males.

  3. Male mallard ducks are called drakes. Females are known as hens. Group of mallard ducks is known as flock.

  4. Males and females are easily distinguished by the color of the plumage. Males have green heads, white collars and brown chests. The rest of the body is grayish. Almost entire body of females is covered with brown feathers except bluish-purple wings.

  5. Female builds a nest in the tree cavity. Male guards the female but does not participate in the incubation of eggs.

  6. Male leaves the female after successful fertilization. Female takes care of the eggs and ducklings after hatching.

  7. Mallard ducks find their mating partner in the autumn and live together until the spring, when mating season takes place. Females have only one mating partner, while males often mate with more than one female.

  8. Not only do ducks have corkscrew penises; they have the longest penises relative to their size of any vertebrate animal. If humans had the same body to penis size then a male would have a 13ft long penis.

  9. Male ducks often force themselves into females and have corkscrew shaped penises so that they deposit their sperm further into the female than their rivalries. To counter this, females develop vaginas that are equally long and twisted...

  10. Male ducks have unique, corkscrew-shaped genitalia that regrow every mating season. The duck’s penis size depends on its social environment and hierarchical value— with some ducks growing penises as large as their bodies.

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Males can be easily distinguished from females because they are more brightly colored. This phenomenon is called sexual dimorphism.

About duck penises. 97% of male birds don't have a penis, but ducks do. They are also shaped like corkscrews, can be as long or longer than their body a grow anew EVERY YEAR. - source

In 2003 Kees Moeliker was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize (a parody of the Nobel Prize) for his study of homosexual necrophilia in male mallards ducks. - source

Mallard ducks are best known by the "quack" sound that they produce. Typical quacks are produced by females. Males vocalize more quietly and produce rasping sound.

All ducks are ducks, but only half of ducks are drakes. (Male ducks are drakes, female ducks are just called ducks.) - source

When male ducks hang out together?

Black-bellied whistling duck is reddish brown colored. It has grey face and upper part of the neck, black belly and tail and large white patch on the wings. Males and females look alike.

How to tell male from female ducks?

Males compete for the attention of females. They chase each other with wide open bills and stretched necks.

Duck Day came about when a lifeless duck was being mounted by another male duck for more than an hour. The dutch scientist who saw the whole event went on to publish a paper which won him the Nobel Prize.

Male Ducks are Involved in a Rape Arms Race With Female Ducks

Male ducks are rapissts and female ducks have labyrinth vaginas

Male ducks are so sexually aggressive, that duck sex can often be consider rape. As a response the female duck's reproductive tracks evolved into a labyrinth, with dead ends, to not allow the raping ducks to fertilize them. In a response to that, male ducks developed corkscrew penises.

When male ducks hang out?

Male ducks have corkscrew penises. And female ducks have corkscrew vaginas....that go in the opposite direction of the male's corkscrew penis.

Mallard male ducks are so rapey one was even documented repeatedly raping a dead male duck.

The term "duck" should be used only for a female while the proper term for a male duck is "drake". Thus explaining the source of Daffy Duck's daffiness.

The male duck-billed platypus is venomous

Muscovy ducks how to tell male from female?

Each fall a male duck's penis falls off and he will grow a new one each spring.

Female ducks can tell if a male's sperm contains diseases

Forced copulation is common enough among ducks such that female ducks have evolved maze-like genitalia that hamper undesired male ducks from fertilizing them & male ducks have evolved complicated phalluses; frequency of forced sex w/i a species of waterfowl is strongly linked to phallus length.

Male ducks wear drag every summer. After breeding, they lose their vibrant plumage, giving them the resemblance of females until it grows back.

Male ducks grow a penis every year as a result of competing with other males

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