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A Soviet scientist, that pioneered artificial insemination, attempted to create human-chimpanzee hybrids by injected human sperm into female chimps. After failing, he had plans to inject ape sperm into human females, but was arrested and stopped in 1930.

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Tailed frogs have internal fertilization, which means that male injects sperm directly into female's body. This process lasts between 24 to 30 hours. Eggs will be released from the female's body in July.

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  1. Males reach sexual maturity before females. Although mating between giant squids has never been recorded, scientists believe that male delivers (injects) sperm into the ventral arms of the female and that she stores it until the time of spawning.

  2. Male bed bugs have evolved alarm pheromones that are released whenever another male bed bug mounts them. Male bed bugs will mount any other bed bug that has freshly eaten, but the pheromone causes them to stop before traumatically injecting sperm into the other male.

  3. A company, Contraline, is working on a male birth control device similar to Vasalgel, a polymer sperm filter injected into the vas deferens, but is implanted without surgery

  4. Male giant squids reproduce by injecting needle-like packets of sperm deep into a female's arms. A chemical then activates the packets that start migrating inside the arms until they pop and release the sperm.

  5. About flatworm 'penis fencing'. Two hermaphroditic flatworms both use their attempt to pierce their opponent and inject them with sperm. The winner acts as the 'father' and the fertilised loser becomes the 'mother'

  6. RISUG, a male birth control procedure similar to a vasectomy but much more reversible. "Reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance" RISUG cleared phase 3 trials back in 2003 and has been awaiting funding ever since. They inject a synthetic polymer instead of cutting like with vasectomies.

  7. Many species of flatworms engage in "penis fencing", where two individuals fence with their dagger-like stylets. The flatworm that pierces the other's epidermis and injects its sperm becomes the father.

  8. A transparent flatworm called Macrostomum hystrix can reproduce by injecting sperm into its own head.

  9. A squid injected a Korean woman's tongue with sperm

  10. Zorotypus impolitus is an insect whose males inject a giant sperm cell about 3 mm long uncoiled (about the size of the female) into the female's genital tract, blocking it so that other males do not mate with her

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The German tennis player Boris Becker claimed that his lovechild was conceived when the mother, through the help of Russian mafias, could have become pregnant by injecting herself with Becker's sperm following oral sex.

The sea slug Alderia modesta transfers sperm to a partner by hypodermic injection - source

A "modern alchemist" is creating monsters by injecting his own sperm into chicken eggs - source

There is a flatworm species that uses its two penises to engage in penis fencing. During mating, they fence with one another attempting to stab and inject sperm in their opponent, while avoiding being fertilized themselves.


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A Homunculus, in which human sperm is injected into an unfertilized chicken egg in order to create a tiny humanoid creature.

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Bed bugs reproduce via the male puncturing the abdomen of a female with its penis and injecting sperm directly into the female's circulatory system. Because bed bugs find mates based on size, they often accidentally do this to other males who have recently engorged themselves on blood.

There is a really simple, low-cost, effective and reversible gel for men to not ejaculate sperm. Injected into the vas deferens, the gel destroys exiting sperm and lasts 10 years (but can be reversed anytime)

There's a male contraceptive call RISUG where a polymer gel is injected into the vas deferens (the tube sperm swim through) and blocks sperm upon ejaculation.

Flatworms can engage in a mating behaviour known as penis fencing, to pierce their mate's epidermis and inject sperm.

What is it called when they inject sperm?

Piezoelectricity (the electric energy exerted from crystals under stress) has been shown to significantly increase successful fertilization in completely infertile couples when paired with standard sperm injection procedures.

A modern alchemist is creating monsters by injecting his sperm into chicken eggs

Turbellarians flatworms mate by penis fencing. Each has two penises on the undersides of their heads which they use to inject sperm.

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