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That, while mating, hermaphroditic (having both male and female sexual organs) species of flatworms engage in penis fencing, battling violently to decide which of the two will be the father. The winner stabs his penis into the loser to inseminate it.

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When flatworms mate two"males" use their bifurcated penises to fence one another. The winner of the flatworm who stabs the other with its penis remains male while the loser becomes female.

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  1. Hermaphroditic flatworms mate by jousting each other with their penises. Whoever loses has to carry the baby.

  2. ‘Penis Fencing’ is a scientific term for the mating ritual between flatworms. It involves one flatworm attempting to stab the other flatworm with its penis.

  3. The Macrostomum hystrix, a hermaphroditic flatworm that possesses a hypodermic penis which it can use to inseminate it's own head for asexual reproduction when other mates are unavailable.

  4. Flatworms fight for the role of male when mating, even though they are hermaphroditic and have both sex organs. This practice is known as penis fencing.

  5. Some species of flatworms feed by stabbing their prey with their penis. They also reproduce by stabbing their mate in the body cavity and releasing sperm (giving new meaning to the term "needle dick")

  6. Flatworms are hermaphroditic. When mating, they determine who will be the male by fencing with their penises

  7. There is a flatworm species that uses its two penises to engage in penis fencing. During mating, they fence with one another attempting to stab and inject sperm in their opponent, while avoiding being fertilized themselves.

  8. TIL certain hemaphroditic species of flatworm engage in up to hour long battles of 'penis fencing' to pierce their mate's skin, with the "loser" becoming the mother.

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The scientific term for flatworms when they mate is known as is "penis fencing" - source

Penis Fencing is a mating ritual of the flatworm species Pseudobiceros Hancockanus. This ritual involves two hermaphroditic flatworms in a violent battle to inseminate each other by attempting to pierce the skin with their penises. - source

Turbellarians flatworms mate by penis fencing. Each has two penises on the undersides of their heads which they use to inject sperm.

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