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Actor Adam Devine almost died in 1995, when he got run over by a 42 ton cement truck and went into a 2 week coma.

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A cement truck crashed near Wingamon, Oklahoma in the 1950s and the mixer was too heavy to move. It's still there, and locals have painted it to look like an abandoned NASA space capsule.

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  1. Adam Devine (Workaholics, Pitch Perfect) credits being hit by a cement truck and confined to a wheelchair for ages 11-13 as being the reason he went into comedy.

  2. A cement truck crashed in Oklahoma over 40 years ago, and the mixer is still sitting by the side of the road.

  3. Adam DeVine from Workaholics was hit by a 42-ton cement truck while walking his bike across the street at the age of 11

  4. Adam DeVine (Workaholics) was almost killed as a kid when he was hit by a cement truck and took several years to learn how to walk again

  5. The rumbling sound you hear when you close your eyes tightly in the middle of the street is likely caused by oncoming cement trucks

  6. Tre Arrow, a green anarchist who was arrested in the 1990s and later was convicted for committing acts of arson on cement and logging trucks. In 2008, Arrow pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 78 months in prison.

  7. A cement truck crashed in Winganon and the cement in the mixer hardened making it very difficult to move, the crew took the truck and decided to come back for the mixer later and never did.So the locals painted the mixer to look like a crashed NASA space capsule

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