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Lottie Williams is the only person to have been hit by re-entering space debris. She was walking through a park in Tulsa Oklahoma in Jan 1997 at 3:30 am and felt a tapping on her shoulder. It was a piece of the fuel tank of a Delta II rocket launched in 1996. She was unhurt.

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Lottie Williams, an Oklahoma resident who is the only person to have been struck by re-entering space debris.

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  1. A woman named Lottie Williams was hit by space debris in 1997 and is thought to be the only one to be hit by falling space junk.

  2. Only one person has ever been hit by falling space junk. In 1997 Lottie Williams of Tulsa, OK was hit in the back by a piece of mesh cloth that was later determined to have come from a returning Delta II rocket. She thought someone had tapped her on the shoulder.

  3. Lottie williams is the only person believed to have been struck by space debris

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