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When Roberto Clemente died in a plane crash off the coast of Puerto Rico, catcher Manny Sanguillen was the only Pirates teammate not to attend his funeral. Instead, he dove into the ocean where the plane crashed in a futile attempt to find Clemente's body.

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During his rookie season Roberto Clemente wore the number 13. After the Pirates" player Earl Smith left the team in 1955 Roberto Clemente took his No. 21.

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  1. As a teenager Roberto played for the Santurce Cangrejeros, also known as the Crabbers.

  2. Roberto was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1973, becoming the first player to have the five year wait waived. He was also awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1973.

  3. In every year during the 1960s Roberto Clemente was named to the National League All-Star Team. He batted over .300 every year in the 1960s (except in 1968).

  4. During his rookie season Roberto Clemente was in a car accident and suffered a lower back injury that caused him to miss several games. He still managed to play in 124 games, finishing the season with an average of .255.

  5. Roberto Clemente was the youngest child of seven born to his parents Luisa and Don Melchor Clemente.

  6. In Roberto Clemente's first professional game (against the Brooklyn Dodgers) he scored a run, and scored another in the second game that day. Both games of the double-header were lost by the Pirates.

  7. During his career, many people tried to give Roberto the name "Bob" but he didn"t like it and always went by Roberto.

  8. Roberto Clemente was involved in humanitarian efforts. In 1972 he was on a flight from Isla Verde to Nicaragua when his chartered plane crashed. He was killed along with four other people.

  9. In 1952 Roberto Clemente was signed to play for a Montreal Triple A team the Royals.

  10. Roberto Clemente finished his career with 3000 hits in 1972.

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Roberto Clemente became the only player to hit a walk-off-inside-the-park grand slam, on July 25th, 1956, in a game against the Cubs. The Pirates won 9-8 that day.

Roberto Clemente was the first Hispanic player to be named a major league team MVP, first Hispanic to be named World Series MVP, and first to win a World Series (as a starter).

Beginning in 1961 Roberto Clemente won a Golden Glove award each year until 1972. Willie Mays and Roberto Clemente share the record for most Golden Glove awards - at 12 each.

In 1958 Roberto Clemente enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. He spent six months on active duty in South Carolina and North Carolina.

Roberto Clemente is the only player in history to hit a walk off, inside the park grand slam. - source

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Not only did Branch Rickey sign Jackie Robinson, he also signed Roberto Clemente, the first Latin American player in the MLB Hall of Fame.

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Sam Jones, first African-American to throw a no-hitter in Major League baseball history. He did it after walking the first three batters in the 9th innings then striking out the next three, including Roberto Clemente.

In 1954 Roberto Clemente was discovered by a scout for the Pittsburgh Pirates who had been there to watch Joe Black. That same year Roberto Clemente was chosen by the Pirates as their first selection of the rookie draft.

The night that Pittsburgh Pirates great Roberto Clemente died in a plane crash, he told another baseball player to go enjoy New Year's Eve, rather than fly with him, saving him from certain death. That man's son is Neil Walker, current infielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Roberto Clemente, Puerto Rican MLB Hall of Famer, died in a plane crash while delivering aid to Earthquake victims. Corrupt officials diverted his previous shipments, so he decided to personally accompany the fourth flight in hopes his presence would ensure they made it to the wounded.

Roberto Clemente, MLB Hall of Famer and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient who is largely famous for his humanitarian efforts, died after knowingly boarding an overloaded supply plane with mechanical issues in an effort to expedite his arrival to Nicaragua after a massive earthquake.

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Tom Walker, pitcher for the Montreal Expos, was supposed to be on the same ill-fated plane as Roberto Clemente. Clemente insisted he stay inadvertently saving Walker's life. Walker's son, Neil, now plays ball for the Pittsburgh Pirates, the same team Clemente played for.

Softball pitcher, Eddie Feigner, who struck out Some of the best baseball hitters of the era Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Brooks Robinson, Roberto Clemente, Maury Wills, and Harmon Killebrew all in a row.

Roberto Clemente hit the only Walk-off, Inside the park, grand slam in MLB history.

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