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About Roselle, a seeing-eye dog that led her blind owner, Michael Hingson, down 1,463 steps from the 78th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. Dog and owner exited just before the South Tower collapsed, and both survived.

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Daredevil’s Charlie Cox auditioned for the role of Han Solo in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’, but failed his audition after his time playing the blind superhero meant he had trouble keeping eye contact with the other actors

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  1. A 2015 case of a woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder who had some blind personalities. Even with her eyes open, EEG showed brain activity associated with sight was absent when a blind alter was in control. When a sighted alter assumed control, visual brain activity returned

  2. A deer's eyes are more sensitive to light than ours. That's why when a deer is suddenly struck by the beam of a car’s headlights, its fully dilated pupils become blinded by the abundance of light, so it cannot see at all. This is why the deer just stands still in front of the car.

  3. When EEG was used to measure brain activity of a woman with multiple personality disorder there was no brain activity linked to sight whenever one of her blind 'alters' was in control (although her eyes were open), but that normal activity returned to the area when a sighted alter took over

  4. A pigeon, Cher Ami, that was awarded the Croix de Guerre for its service during WWI. Cher Ami delivered the S.O.S. message of a lost, encircled battalion despite being shot through the breast, blinded in one eye, covered in blood, and with a leg hanging only by a tendon.

  5. The Manchineel tree is considered one of the most poisonous tree in the world. It causes painful blisters if you stand under it during rain, blinds you if the smoke from its burned wood touches your eyes, can poison water with its leaves and will cause death if you eat its fruits.

  6. The difference between rabbits and hares: Rabbits are born blind, hairless and dig burrows to live and hide. Hares are born with open eyes, fur, and escape predators running away from them.

  7. An estimated one in fifty people suffer from Aphantasia, a condition in which the person’s “mind eye” is blind and they can’t picture things just by thinking about them

  8. In 2012 a stray cat entered the home of a blind dog called Terfel and became his seeing-eye guide. Confined to his basket so he didn’t bump into things, the cat sensed Terfel’s disability and began using his paws to gently lead him around the house; he even assisted for trips to the local park.

  9. Seeing eye dogs are taught to poop on command so their blind owners can know when they go.

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Red color blind monkeys who underwent gene therapy by having their eyes injected with a red cone, had their color blindness cured, potentially opening a door for curing color blindness in humans.

A Japanese air ace who was shot in the face during a dogfight. Blind in one eye and part paralysed, "he flew upside down to prevent blood from blinding his other eye", flew 5 hours back to base, made his report and then had surgery without anasthesia. - source

Doctors were able to restore a blind man's vision with a surgery involving bionic eyes. He had been blind for 40 years. - source

Teddy Roosevelt suffered a detached retina in 1908 after becoming blind in one eye due to a boxing injury in the White House. He later switched to jiu-jitsu and became a black belt.

A homing pigeon called Cher Ami that saved close to 200 lives during WW1 by delivering a message. The pigeon was shot through the breast, blinded in one eye and had its leg hanging only by a tendon upon arriving with the message. - source

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To get Greeks to gain an interest in potatoes, a large shipment of potatoes was left on the docks of Nafplio under guard. The guards were ordered to turn a blind eye to theft and all of the potatoes were stolen. The plan succeeded.

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Some people have "blindsight." They are blind due to damage in the brain's visual cortex, but the eye and optic nerve are fine. They can't consciously see anything but can guess their way through an obstacle course or guess the emotional content of a photo through intuition with decent accuracy.

During the Cold War NATO pilots were ordered to fly wearing eye patches, so that if they were blinded by the flash of a nuclear bomb they still had one good eye.

Gandhi's famous quote "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind" was originally coined by Gibran Khalil

The idiom "Turning a blind eye" is attributed to Admiral Horatio Nelson who, in the midst of battle and given the permission to retreat by his superior, lifted the telescope to his eye (blinded from an earlier injury) and said "I really do not see the signal" and pressed on with the attack.

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During the war, Vietnamese children thought the American soldiers were blind because they had blue eyes and wore sunglasses all the time.

Dr. William Moon—a one-eyed man who developed his own reading system for the blind in the 1840s after finding other methods unreliable. He called his method “Moon Code” and based it off of simplified Roman letters, which allowed almost anyone to learn it extremely quickly.

Two of the greatest composers of their time, Bach and Handel, despite living near each other but never meeting, were both blinded by the same quack traveling eye doctor

Blind people may detect and respond to light if it is a kind of skyblue light at 481nm. "There is more to the eye than rods and cones — the discovery of a third photoreceptor is rewriting the visual rulebook."

In WWII, a soldier named Don Karkos was hit with shrapnel and blinded his right eye, 64 years later while working at a barn, a horse head butted him in the same spot, threw him against the wall and suddenly his vision was restored.

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A homing pigeon called Cher Ami that saved the lives of 194 soldiers during WW1 by transporting a message. The pigeon was shot through the chest, blinded in one eye and had its leg hanging by a tendon upon arriving with the message.

In 1954 John Stapp strapped himself to a rocket sled, accelerated to 632 MPH in 5 seconds, and then decelerated to 0 MPH in 1.4 seconds. He experienced 46.2 G's. He went temporarily blind and experienced two black eyes from his eyeballs having been shot so far forward.

In 1995 martial artist Yuki Nakai lost an eye thanks to an illegal move by his opponent. Half blinded he went on to win the match.

As governor of New York, Teddy Roosevelt boxed with sparring partners several times each week, a practice he regularly continued as President until being hit so hard in the face he became blind in his left eye (a fact not made public until many years later).

The most dangerous tree is the manchineel found in Florida and the Caribbean..the sap is so poisonous and acidic that the merest contact with human skin causes a breakout of blisters, and blindness can occur if it touches a person´s eyes.

Saburō Sakai, a Japanese WWII fighter ace, was shot through his goggle by a turret gunner. The 7.62 mm bullet passed through his brain, blinding one eye and paralyzing one side of his body. Despite this, he landed his plane and returned to battle a year later.

In 1918 a carrier pigeon saved 194 American soldiers by delivering a message to nearby support despite having been blinded in one eye, shot through the breast, covered in blood, and with a leg hanging on by just a tendon.

More than 90% of Greenland sharks are blind, due to a parasite called 'Ommatokoita elongatathat' that lives exclusively in the eyes of the sharks, damaging their corneas.

A guy in Toronto had a huge party in his apartment across the street from a large commercial bank's HQ (RBC). The CEO calls to tell him to shut his blinds, because no work was getting done. All eyes were on the strippers.

Holes in Swiss cheese are actually called 'eyes'. Swiss cheese without eyes is known as 'blind'.

After John Muir recovered from temporary blindness,caused by a factory accident that shot a piece of metal into his eye, he dedicated his life to the environment and help established Yosemite, Sequoia, Mount Rainer, and the Grand Canyon as National Parks.

Most greenland sharks are blind due to a 3cm long parasite that latches onto their eye. The sharks have not evolved a defence because the parasite is bioluminescent and is theorised to attract prey to the shark's head

Martial artist Yuki Nakai beat 2 fighters, twice his size, in a tournament after an illegal eye gouge left him blind in one eye. He developed complete blindness in one eye, yet kept it secret for years in order to protect the reputation of martial arts.

Canadian musician Jeff Healey, who has been blind since the age of 1 due to retinoblastoma. He began playing guitar at age 3 by setting the guitar on his lap and playing it like a keyboard. His song “Angel Eyes” reached No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1989. He died of cancer in 2008.

Stevie Wonder is blind because he was born six weeks premature, which, along with the oxygen-rich atmosphere in the hospital incubator, resulted in retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), a condition in which the growth of the eyes is aborted and causes the retinas to detach

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