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United Airlines Flight 811, a regularly scheduled flight between Sydney and San Francisco that on February 24, 1989 had a cargo door fail at 22,000 feet resulting in explosive decompression. 9 passengers were blown out and killed. Two flight attendants were nearly lost as well

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Because Boeing expected supersonic passenger airliners to render the 747 and other subsonic airliners obsolete, they designed the 747 with a hump to allow the aircraft to be easily converted for cargo by installing a front cargo door below the flight deck.

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  1. The iconic hump of the 747 exists because Boeing assumed supersonic planes would make the 747 obsolete for passengers. The raised flight deck allows for a large front cargo door.

  2. A casket containing a body once fell out of a plane while being transported, when the cargo door suddenly blew off.

  3. In 1971 a cargo door on an AA DC-10 blew out over Ontario, jamming some of the control cables, but the plane landed intact. The cargo door failed the exact same way on Turkish Flight 981 in 1974. The crash killed 346.

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