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In 1988 a one-eyed pilot landed a Boeing 737 on a narrow grass levee after dual engine failure. No one was seriously injured. The plane was repaired at the site of the landing, and remained in service until December, 2016.

The Concorde used more fuel taxiing to the end of the runway than a Boeing 737 needs to fly all the way from London to Amsterdam

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  1. A Embraer collided midair with a Boeing 737 leaving all the 154 dead in Boeing. However, the 7 persons onboard the Embraer landed safely without any injury.

  2. The oldest passenger plane still in service is a Boeing 737-200 with the serial number 20335, which made its first commercial flight on May 25th 1970 for Air California. Almost 50 years later the plane is still in service for Airfast Indonesia, under the registration PK-OCG.

  3. Boeing nearly ended production and sold the designs of the 737 due to financial difficulties and poor sales in the early 70's. Only the scaling back the production of the 747 and the cancellation of the Boeing Supersonic Transport project allowed it to continue.

  4. In 1989 a Boeing 737 ran out of fuel while flying over the Amazon because of a navigation error. The plane managed to crash-land in the jungle with 41 survivors. The crash site was discovered after survivors stumbled across a farm while trying to search for food and water.

  5. The tiny island Republic of Nauru is served by a single Boeing 737 aircraft which consumes nearly 30% of the nation's GDP

  6. A passenger helped land a Boeing 737 after the captain suffered a heart attack

  7. Boeing has been building the fuselage for the 737 in Wichita and shipping it by train since 1967

  8. Canadian manufacturer Bombardier has started to sell mid-size mid range commercial aircraft to compete against the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320...

  9. In 2014, a train carrying Boeing 737 fuselages derailed. 6 of the planes fell down a cliff, with 3 ending up in a river. All of them were destroyed and recycled.

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An airplane mechanic was killed after he was sucked into a Boeing 737-500 jet engine (Continental Airlines flight 1515, 16 January 2006)

Laurent Airgon, a person who could not pursue his dream of becoming a pilot, so he built a fully functional Boeing 737 cockpit in his child's bedroom. - source

The Ethiopian 737 Max crash in March exhibited similar traits as the LionAir 737 Max that crashed in October. Despite the warning signs from the first crash, Boeing put out a bulletin for airlines, but took no further action until another plane crashed. - source

A Boeing 737 is produced every 10 days in Boeing's Renton factory. - source

A Boeing 737-200 hit Washington, DC's 14th Street Bridge and crashed into the Potomac in 1982.

The Boeing 737 max wasn’t the first aircraft to experience unplanned nosedives due to software issues. The Airbus A330 has the same problem on 2 other occasions as well from 2006-2008.

The US Navy's new anti-sub/surface aircraft is a Boeing 737 that can launch Harpoon missiles, depth charges and even a light torpedo from 30,000 feet.

In spite of Boeing making 737's as fast they ever have (more than 40 per month) it would still take them 9 years to catch up with backorders.

The Concorde used more fuel to taxi to the end of the runway than a Boeing 737 uses to fly from London to Amsterdam

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