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A cat in Wisconsin, saved her human family by pawing at them when they were feeling sleepy and got them out of the house. First responders did a test and revealed that the house had a dangerous level of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Weird Al Yankovic's parents died in 2004 of carbon monoxide poisoning. He played a show in Appleton, WI the same day, saying "Since my music had helped many of my fans through tough times, maybe it would work for me as well."

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  1. Some haunted houses are thought to be the result of dangerous safety hazards, like carbon monoxide leaks, which cause hallucinations.

  2. Weird Al's parents both died on the same day of carbon monoxide poisoning. Only hours later, he performed a concert and started by saying "since my music had helped many of my fans through tough times, maybe it would work for me as well."

  3. Hookah Sickness, or the dizzying feeling experienced after smoking, is likely due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

  4. Fresh, sealed meat would be purple. So meat packagers add carbon monoxide to turn it bright red.

  5. Some companies package beef in a carbon monoxide atmosphere to keep the meat looking pink or "fresh" up to one full year. This only affects the color though; the meat still spoils normally

  6. Robin Williams saved the life of Jerry Reed on the set of The Survivors. Robin went to Jerry’s trailer and found Jerry groggy, complaining of a terrible headache. It turns out that Jerry’s trailer had a carbon monoxide leak; Had Robin not pulled him out, Jerry would have died.

  7. Companies have begun treating their meat with nitrates and then packing & storing the product in a carbon monoxide atmosphere. The carbon monoxide gas in the package slows the discoloration of the meat, keeping it 'looking' pink and fresh.

  8. The US allows meat packaging to contain carbon monoxide, used to keep the meat looking fresh. It does not aid in actual preservation of meat. It works so well, though, Congress was shown fresh beef and beef that was 2 years old (preserved with CO). They were indistinguishable.

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carbon monoxide fact data chart about Carbon monoxide emission comparision - based on NASA MERRA-2
Carbon monoxide emission comparision - based on NASA MERRA-2 database

carbon monoxide fact data chart about Europe->Asia? Carbon monoxide emission comparision - parsed
Europe->Asia? Carbon monoxide emission comparision - parsed data from NASA MERRA-2 files

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Diesel engines produce very little carbon monoxide and will not kill a person trying to commit suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Firefighters recommend closing your bedroom door at night in case of fire. Closed doors have been shown to strongly limit heat and carbon monoxide in the bedroom. It could save your life. - source

Some gases are dangerous, such as carbon monoxide, which can be fatal if inhaled in an enclosed area for long.

In US, Carbon monoxide(toxic to humans above 35 ppm) is used in fresh meat packaging to keep them looking fresh and this process is banned in many other countries, including Japan, Singapore, and the European Union.

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The reason the suicide method of sticking your head in the oven is no longer used is because current gas supplies are natural gas (Methane), but the supply used to be coal gas which is a mixture of hydrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide being the lethal component.

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1,549 workers died in the worst coal-mining disaster. When a fire broke out, the active mine was sealed to cut off oxygen. Carbon monoxide killed most of the trapped workers.

Residents of village called Kalachi in Kazakhstan had weird disease, residents there could fall a sleep for 2 days, children had hallucinations, some had headache, memory loss and hypersexuality. Turns out it all happened because an abandoned mine near the village spreaded carbon monoxide.

Before Brad Delp, the former lead singer of Boston, committed suicide, he left a note warning whoever found him about carbon monoxide poisoning and asked if someone would look after his cat.

Triton has an extremely thin atmosphere, with trace amounts of carbon monoxide and small amounts of methane close to its surface.

A study found that a portable generator positioned 15 feet away from open windows was not far enough to prevent carbon monoxide entry into the house.

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Supermarkets treat beef and other meats with carbon monoxide for two reasons: Preferentially binds to hemoglobin to maintain the bright red colour; and helps to maintain a package environment that limits bacterial growth extending the shelf life.

This application reduces harmful emissions from cars by converting carbon monoxide and other gases into less poisonous gases.

Carbon monoxide's affinity for hemoglobin (blood cells) is 230 times greater than that of oxygen, and quickly binds, preventing oxygen delivery to tissues and leads to cell death.

The deadliest traffic accident in history happened in 1986. Two military vehicles collides in a 3 km long tunnel, and hundreds of cars became trapped inside. The resulting carbon monoxide buildup of all those idling cars killed over 170 people.

Weird AL Yankovik lost both of his parents at once to carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty fireplace. Get a carbon monoxide detector, folks.

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Coal miners used to carry caged Canaries down into the mines, as a detector of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and methane. The Canary would show signs of distress and/or died before the gases affected the miners, leaving them some time to escape.

Seals naturally have about the same amount of carbon monoxide in their blood as a human who smokes 40 cigarettes per day

Centralia, PA was abandoned in 1962 due to an underground coal fire started at the city dump. The fire still burns today and is expected to continue for another 250 years. Centralia was the basis for Silent Hill, and is still uninhabitable due to sinkholes and carbon monoxide vapor.

Meatballs, Meatloaf, and similar ground beef food items stay pink inside even after cooking for over 3 hours due to nitrates, carbon monoxide, and/or the PH of the beef. It does not mean they are undercooked.

Stanford scientists have found a way to catalyze carbon monoxide and water into ethanol. Ethanol, as in the stuff in beer and race gas.

In Italy 426 people illegally riding a steam-hauled freight train died of carbon monoxide poisoning when the train stalled on a steep gradient in a tunnel

That, rather than Zyklon-B, the gas chamber in the Nazi death camp Treblinka-II used exhaust from a captured Red Army Diesel tank engine to asphyxiate prisoners via carbon monoxide poisoning

Michelle Carter spent days in texts and phone calls urging a friend to go through with a plan to kill himself, scolding when he hesitated and told him to get back into the vehicle when he realized the carbon monoxide poisoning was working, got scared, and stepped out of the vehicle.

Scientists Discovered an Efficient Way to Turn Carbon Monoxide Into Ethanol

90% of medical waste is incinerated across the U.S. releasing a wide variety of pollutants into the air, including dioxins and furans, heavy metals (such as lead, mercury and cadmium) and carbon monoxide.

Between June 25 1941 and December 1942 97,000 people died as a result of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

One of the key industrial uses for cerium is as a catalytic converter for automobiles to reduce carbon monoxide emissions.

He almost died in his experimental inhaling of quarts of carbon monoxide and described his pulse as "threadlike and beating with excessive quickness."

Motorized gardening equipment accounts for 12% of all Carbon Monoxide emissions in the USA

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