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Eastern Russia has a "Valley of Death" where volanic hydrogen sulfide gasses displace all oxygen for a metre or so above ground level. This kills animals which attracts scavengers who are also killed in an endless chain of death.

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Uranus smells like farts because its atmosphere consists largely of hydrogen sulfide.

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  1. There are three main fart smells. Hydrogen sulfide produces the signature "rotten eggs" note, methanethiol produces hints of "decomposing vegetables," and dimethyl sulfide adds a hint of "sweetness."

  2. Sniffing farts is good for you. Small doses of hydrogen sulfide help keep cells healthy and thus help ward off maladies such as dementia, diabetes, and even cancer.

  3. Silver tarnishes quite readily in air or water which have hydrogen sulfide or ozone.

  4. So many farmers have died from exposure to the hydrogen sulfide in manure that scientists started calling it “dung lung”.

  5. In its form hydrogen sulfide, however, it can cause death through respiratory failure.

  6. The main reason for the rotten smell of a fart is due to hydrogen sulfide. It produces the rotten egg smell.

  7. Plume collects oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from the water. Bacteria convert these molecules into carbohydrates (sugar), which giant tube worms use as a source of food.

  8. Uranus contains large amounts of Hydrogen Sulfide, giving it a smell similar to your anus

  9. K. polythalamia, a mollusk known for living in elephant-tusk-like structures of calcium carbonate that can be absorbed to grow longer and burrow deeper. Instead of eating they sift mud for hydrogen sulfide to feed bacteria growing in their gills which produce carbon compounds to feed the worm

  10. Women tend to have a higher hydrogen sulfide concentration than men - which means a woman's fart has the potential to smell worse than a man's fat.

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Inhaling very high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide leads to instant death. In 2008, this caused a suicide craze in Japan.

Tubeworms turn toxic water into food. The bacteria inside the worms use the toxic hydrogen sulfide in the water, which would kill most other animals, as an energy source to produce carbohydrates. - source

Hydrogen Sulfide is an ingredient in stink bombs. The chemical itself is extremely toxic. - source

"Afterdamp" - a toxic mixture of gases such as Hydrogen sulfide left in a mine following an explosion. the "canary in the coalmine" was used to to detect afterdamp as they are more sensitive to the gas than humans.

Farts are made up of hydrogen sulfide that reduces mitochondrial damage. Smelling farts can be healthy, thus next time you fart take a nice deep breath and thank the person. - source

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Sulphur Cave is an extreme environment filled with toxic hydrogen sulfide gas. It is covered in slime and mats of bacteria that drip sulphuric acid strong enough to burn through clothing. A newly found extremophile species of worm in the cave is a model for how life could exist on other planets

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The Atmosphere of Uranus Smells Like Human Flatulence Due to High Amounts of Hydrogen Sulfide

The atmospheric gasses that surround Uranus are made up of a concentration of hydrogen sulfide producing a rotten-egg smell. From this, they have concluded that Uranus smells like farts.

Women's farts generally smell far worse than men's because they contain remarkably higher levels of hydrogen sulfide.

A 2014 study concluded that hydrogen sulfide, the gas associated with the smell of rotten eggs and farts, "could in fact be a healthcare hero with significant implications for future therapies for a variety of diseases.”

Probes have discovered appreciable amounts of Hydrogen Sulfide, the chemical that is known as rotten egg smell, on Uranus. TL;DR: Uranus Smells like Rotten Eggs

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