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There is a Volcano in Indonesia which spews electric blue lava.

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There's a volcano in Indonesia that erupts with blue lava. Local men trek up the mountain daily to mine its sulfur - they carry loads of 180-200 pounds, but the sulfur only sells for only 2.5 cents/pound, so many men make the climb twice a day.

What is the tectonic setting of the tambora volcano in indonesia?

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  1. The painting "The Scream" was painted with a red sky accurately depicting the Norwegian sky at the time caused by the eruption of the Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia.

  2. The Kawah Ijen volcano of Indonesia contains huge amounts of pure sulfur, which burns a bright neon blue.

  3. The Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia has so much sulfer its flames burn blue

  4. There is a Volcano that spews Blue Lava in Indonesia due to the naturally high levels of Sulfur

  5. About Kawah Ijen - a volcano in Indonesia that spews electric blue lava like streams of light.

  6. A natural gas drilling operation in 2006 triggered a still-erupting mud volcano that's buried a 3 sq. mile area of Indonesia in 60 feet of mud

  7. Indonesia has a volcano that emits blue flames.

  8. Kelimutu volcano in Indonesia has three volcanic crater lakes that differ in color, and periodically change due to adjustments in the oxidation-reduction status of the fluid of each lake

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The Sidoarjo Mud Volcano in Indonesia. Caused by drilling it has killed 13 people, covers 25km^2 and is growing by 12 Olympic-sized swimming pools for the next 30 years.

The eruption of the volcano on Krakatoa Island (modern day Indonesia) in 1883 was so loud that it was heard in 50 different geographical locations, up to 3,000 miles away - source

There is a volcano in Indonesia which erupts blue lava. - source

There is a volcano in Indonesia that erupts blue lava.

Blue sulfur flows out of a volcano in Indonesia - source

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There's a 10 year old active mud volcano in Indonesia named after the Oil Company that caused it

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Kawah Ijen Crater Lake, atop the Kawah Ijen volcano in Java, Indonesia, "is the world's largest such body of water filled with hydrochloric acid ['with a pH of almost 0']. In fact, it's the acid that makes the water green." The lake's volume is "1.3 billion cubic feet (36 million cubic meters)."

The Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia spews blue lava.

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In 1883 a Volcano in Indonesia erupted and the sound was heard 4800km (3000mi) away in Rodrigues Island, a territory of France. This is the loudest sound in recorded history.

When the volcano Krakatoa erupted in Indonesia in 1883, it could be heard in Australia, 2,135 miles/3,500 km away.

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