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Venice Italy is held up by millions of ancient tree poles driven into the mud. They never rot due to the lack of oxygen.

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The inventor of the floppy disk, Yoshiro Nakamatsu, would nearly drown himself to death in order to come up with ideas, believing the lack of oxygen would help him think creatively.

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  1. It isn't a lack of Oxygen that causes mammals to breath, but a build up of Carbon Dioxide.

  2. One of the reasons why parachutes are not provided to passengers in a commercial airplane is that an airplane usually flies so high that people jumping out of the airplane would pass out due to lack of breathable oxygen so high up there.

  3. The urge to breathe doesn’t come from lack of oxygen, but from increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream.

  4. Snails have blue blood due to the lack of iron, they used copper instead to transport oxygen.

  5. There is a "dead zone" the size of the state of Connecticut that occurs in the Gulf of Mexico from fertilizer and sewage runoff from the Mississippi river. The excess nutrients cause a lack of oxygen and leads to no marine life.

  6. A predominant cause of jet lag is the lack of available oxygen in airplane cabins. Airlines only pressurize cabins to levels equivalent to 8000 ft. above sea level to extend the lifespan of the plane.

  7. The killer whale is able to regulate blood flow to its brain and heart. This ensures they do not suffer lack of oxygen when deep in the water.

  8. Julio Macias Gonzalez, a 17 year old who lived in Mexico City and died after his girlfriend gave him a hickey, the suction of which resulting in a blood clot, causing his brain to have a stroke from lack of oxygen

  9. Giant insects are not possible now, due to a lack of oxygen in the environment

  10. Mountaineers climbing the mountain risk becoming ill and dying through hyperthermia (becoming too cold) and altitude sickness caused by a lack of Oxygen in the air.

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Unlike other species of fish, bowfin uses gas-bladder to maintain buoyancy and to facilitate breathing of the fresh air (to compensate lack of oxygen in the water). Bowfin intensifies breathing of fresh air at the water temperature of 19 to 29 degrees of Celsius.

DO NOT hyperventilate before going underwater – you can drown. Your body uses the CO2 level to judge when to breath, not the oxygen level, and thus when these are out of balance you can black out (from lack of O2) without realizing you need to breath. - source

Male Siamese Fighting Fish - due to the lack of oxygen in the stale waters they live - create rafts of bubbles. Mating involves both fish embracing each other until the female releases her eggs, the male then fertilizes them, then both capture them and place them into the bubbles one-by-one. - source

When holding your breath, the urge to breathe isn't due to lack of oxygen, but from the buildup of carbon dioxide.

Kenpachiro Satsuma, the actor who played Godzilla between 1984 - 1995, would regularly pass out on set due to lack of oxygen while wearing the poorly ventilated and heavy rubber suits. - source

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About adipocere, or corpse wax. Lacking oxygen, a corpse won't putrefy, it will turn its fat into wax.

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On BA Flight 5390, the front left windshield broke at 17,000 ft, which led to the upper half of the pilots body being sucked out the window. He had to be held in place by cabin crew, whilst he lost consciousness due to the lack of oxygen. The pilot survived!

Despite the lack of evidence, the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to 'cure' autism is on the rise

In 2010 at London's Royal College of Arts, designs were submitted for a "Euthanasia Roller Coaster" - a carnival ride with extreme loops and plunges that cause the riders' brains to shut down from lack of oxygen, killing them "with elegance and euphoria."

A man killed an attacking Grizzly Bear by forcing his arm down its throat, biting down on its jugular vein until it passed out due to lack of oxygen to the brain. He then beat it to death with a stick.

50% of adults are Breathing incorrectly, by using their chest to breathe instead of the diaphragm, they get significantly less oxygen which causes, anxiety, heart conditions, and lack of energy

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Julijonas Urbonas designed a Euthanasia Coaster that starts with a long, slow incline before a quarter-mile fall, which leads into a series of loops that are designed to create so much centrifugal force that you won't be able to breathe, finally dying from lack of oxygen to your brain.

Pugs have a genetically different skull that makes them unable to breathe properly, making the suffer as their brain is in a constant lack of oxygen.

Sharks have to keep moving to continue the oxygen flow through their gills, even during sleep. When they stop, their brain starts to shut down, basically blacking out from lack of oxygen.

The naked mole rat is remarkable long lived, resistant to cancer, lacks pain sensitivity in its skin and is capable of surviving in both low oxygen and high carbon dioxide environments

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