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Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys got an F in his high school Music class for writing what would become their breakout hit "Surfin'". The grade was later changed to an A in 2018 when Wilson was 75.

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Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, Who Wrote Such Hits as "Surfin' Safari" and "Surfin' USA," Has a Lifelong Fear of Water

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  1. A building burned down across the street from the Beach Boys' studio right after they recorded the chaotic instrumental piece "The Elements: Fire". Mentally unstable bandleader Brian Wilson was convinced for years the two were linked.

  2. Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys wrote "California Girls" during his first experience with LSD. He sat in front of a piano and played what are now the first four notes of the song over and over again for about an hour, until the rest of the song suddenly came to him.

  3. Murry Wilson, manager & father to Brian and Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys, sold the rights to all their entire catalogue in Nov. of 1969 for $700,000 without anyone’s consent. He kept all the money.

  4. Brian Wilson did a cover of the Barenaked Ladies song 'Brian Wilson'.

  5. Brian wilson of the Beach Boys wrote the song "Good Vibrations" on LSD and considered it the "summation of his musical vision"

  6. Brian Wilson, co-founder of the Beach Boys, was quoted saying “Once you've been labeled a genius, you have to continue it or your name becomes mud. I am a victim of the recording industry. I didn't think I was a genius. I thought I had talent. But I didn't think I was a genius.”

  7. Former San Fransisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson was fined $1000 for playing with bright orange cleats. He claims he was punished "for having too much awesome on my feet."

  8. Shortly before the release of the iconic Beach Boys song "Good Vibrations", the master recording tapes were stolen from the studio, only to mysteriously reappear in Brian Wilson's home two days later.

  9. Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys had an unhealthy obsession with the Ronnettes song "Be My Baby". He apparently listened to the song in excess over 100 times a day and made a Beach Boys engineer create a tape loop of the song's chorus so he could listen to it for several hours in a row

  10. Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was afraid of the water, despite writing many hit songs about surfing.

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Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys experiences auditory hallucinations in the form of disembodied voices. He was previously diagnosed with schizophrenia, and currently has a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder. - source

The Beach Boys released a song in 1969 called Cease to Exist that was written by Charles Manson. They had spent a little time with him at Brian Wilson's home studio.

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was obsessed with the folk song Shortnin' Bread. He recorded over a dozen versions of it and would perform it for hours at a time while high

Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys wrote the melody for 'California Girls' while experiencing the effects of LSD for the first time - source

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Beach Boys' Brian Wilson was convinced that the 1966 Rock Hudson film Seconds was secretly about him and made specifically to taunt him. He was so disturbed by this that he cancelled an upcoming Beach Boys album and refused to go to the movie theater again for 16 years.

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In 1969, Brian Wilson wanted to change his band's name from "The Beach Boys" to "The Beach" — simply because they were all grown men.

The Beach Boys and the Beatles are often stated to have directly reciprocated each others' musical developments during the 1960s. Echoing this, Beatles producer George Martin indicated "no one made a greater impact on the Beatles than Brian [Wilson]."

After a small fitness obsession, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys opened a produce store in the 60s called “The Radiant Radish”. He would often show up clad in just a shower robe and his favorite job there would be the cash register.

Brian Wilson actually played Barenaked Ladies' "Brian Wilson" in concert back in 2000

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In 1959, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys turned in "Surfin" to his high school music teacher as a composition assignment. It got an F, but the current music teacher at the high school changed the grade to an A just a few days ago.

Brian Wilson Wanted to Change The Name of "The Beach Boys" to "The Beach" Because They Had Become Adults

The 70s song "Shannon" by Henry Gross ("Shannon is gone I hope she's drifting out to sea...") is about Shannon, a golden retriever pet of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, that helped him come out of his crippling depression.

Kevin Love, NBA starting forward of the Cleveland Cavaliers, is the son of Stan Love, a retired NBA player whose brother is Mike Love, a founding member of the Beach Boys and cousin to Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys.

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Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys suffers from auditory hallucinations in the form of disembodied voices.

Ingrid Michaelson has a music video featuring Rainn Wilson, Matt Jones, Jorge Garcia, Rob Delaney, Steve Agee, Brian Baumgartner, Dave Koechner, Garrett Dillahunt, and Donald Faison.

In 1992 Brian Wilson made a rap song called Smart Girls, featuring samples of his old Beach Boys hits and lamenting their celebration of mindless, superficial Beach Bunny types

Brian Wilson, from the San Francisco Giants coined the "got heem" term... in 2011.

Brian Wilson got a Razzie Award nomination for his song "Let's Go to Heaven in My Car," featured in POLICE ACADEMY 4.

Country artist Glen Campbell was a member of the Beach Boys on tour from December 1964 to March 1965, filling in for Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson, lead songwriter for the Beach Boys, was obsessed with being better than The Beatles. Upon listening to 'Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band', he had a nervous breakdown.

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys has had mental and auditory issues since around 1965 after sustaining brain damage from the use of psychedelic drugs. He is also infamously hard to interview and often either gives short answers or just gets up and leaves

Mike Love from the Beach Boys fired two other founding members: his cousin Brian Wilson (the band's main creative force) and Al Jardine (writer of "Help Me Rhonda"). He also fired longtime member David Marks. Love now owns the rights to the band's name and tours with only one other member.

There was a SpongeBob album that featured people like Tommy Ramone, Brian Wilson, and the band NRBQ

Before the Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" Brian Wilson's "Smile" was supposed to be release but shelved because it was deemed too crazy. In 2004 it was finally released as a series of live concert videos.

Charles Manson wanted to be famous and record music so bad he befriended Beach Boys drummer Brian Wilson to try to get a record deal.

Eugene Landy, psychiatrist of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, drugged Brian and ran his life like a dictator. By the late 80s, Landy's name appeared as cowriter of Wilson's songs, and Wilson had changed his will to leave 70% of his estate to Landy.

Brian Wilson is deaf in one ear and taught himself music theory.

The Radiant Radish—a health food store opened in 1969 by Brian Wilson, the leader of the Beach Boys. Wilson was often seen wandering around in his bathrobe while helping customers and when asked about his favorite part of running the store, he said, “Learning the cash register.”

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